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  1. Gourami Swami

    Show off your Freshwater!

    Reviving this thread with a photo dump of my recent and current freshwater setups. Most photos taken with a Nikon D300 Mexican river biotope tank, inspired by the Rio Bascan CA cichlid community South American pike cichlid tank Nano planted/shrimp 45 "high-tech" planted and some of my fish
  2. Gourami Swami

    Looking for suggestions on tank

    Have been shopping around looking for a larger AIO myself lately; these cobalt c-vue tanks have a nice look and are pretty economical compared to other larger AIO's. They do have a 40 and 45 gallon option. I cannot give a review, as I don't own one, but some people on this forum do and seem to like them. https://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=40066
  3. Gourami Swami

    Reef Art?

    Could possibly get some dried corals and put them up there, I know a lot of people use them in interior design layouts something like this, arranged however you want. Personally I would put one larger center piece and two smaller ones on either side, on the shelf above tank
  4. Gourami Swami

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    Nice pictures, what are they eating?
  5. Gourami Swami

    Beginners talk cycling etc...

    To play devil's advocate: coming from somebody who currently works at a fish retailer, and has worked for different LFS's over many years- It is incredibly difficult to explain the nitrogen cycle completely to 95% of the customers I encounter. I think part of the problem is that so many people- not the true hobbyists, but most of the customers- don't care to educate themselves on the complexities of the tank's ecosystem, and want "dumbed down" information. Surely there is some blame on the lazy or uneducated LFS employees who don't ever bother to give the right advice. But a large part of it, is that for every one person who wants, and is able, to understand the nitrogen cycle and fishless cycling- there are 9 others who don't even want to hear it. When I help customers, I gauge their level of comprehension and interest on what they say. Occasionally I get people who are willing to buy a test kit, add cocktail shrimp or dose ammonia, and do it the "right way". But more often, I get blank stares, and people who just say "that's too much work- just catch me the fish please. I had a tank 5 years ago and didn't know any of this, so I don't need to know it now" or something along those lines. For these people, the most practical thing to do is tell them they can't add more than a couple small hardy fish at once, sell them stability or another similar product, and tell them to bring us their water in a week to test it, and also to watch for signs of stress and do a water change if they see it. If we tell these people - No, we won't sell you a fish, come back in a month after you have completed a full fishless cycle"- the LFS would probably go out of business. Lfs's are having a hard time as it is with the prevalence of online shopping. That is mostly for freshwater customers though, I do find that most people who set up marine tanks are more willing to have an understanding of it and put the work in, since there are higher costs and entry barriers to a saltwater tank. Not defending OP here- sounds like they put a fish in a few days after setting the tank up, which is obviously a bad idea. Just offering my perspective on the issue being discussed.
  6. Gourami Swami

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    This green one is a champ, loves pellets. Feed him a couple every week or so. Only this mouth seems to eat them though, has another mouth and that one pushes the pellets off.
  7. Gourami Swami

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    One of my ricordea eating a pellet
  8. Gourami Swami

    Quarantine question

    Thanks, will do. Hope he gets better, is quite a cute little fish
  9. Gourami Swami

    Reorganizing, help with coral placement. Thanks!!

    I honestly think your scape looks great as it is
  10. Gourami Swami

    Quarantine question

    Here is another pic from the other side, you can see the white spots a little better. Unfortunately I don't think it is just sand. Fish seems kind of stressed, has been sitting in that spot all day and occasionally "coughs"
  11. Gourami Swami

    Quarantine question

    With the light on, I can see that there is indeed something wrong. Here is a picture, notice the white spots on fins and head What do you guys think? Ich? Flukes? I can do the FW dip, but if you think it's ich I may not bother, don't want to stress the fish unneccessarily
  12. Gourami Swami

    Quarantine question

    Another question- Is it possible for a fish to only show symptoms for a few hours? I am wondering now if I was too hasty to diagnose him. Last night, and for the few days prior, I saw no ich. This morning, when I woke up, I thought I saw it all over his head. This was right after I woke up, possibly not the most mentally alert time of day for me. Now, it is about 4 hours later, and looking at him he has some white spots on his head, but they look more like coloration of the fish than Ich, as I had feared. Looking up pictures of TSBs, the white spots do look like these on this fish's head. Later when the lights are on, I will get some pictures of him and get your opinions. But, if the fish did have ich, would it be possible for it to have developed the spots overnight, and then lost them all 4 hours later?
  13. Gourami Swami

    Quarantine question

    This is my concern also 😞 Bad situation either way. I guess the mistake I am learning from this, is that I should have had a QT tank on standby just in case. Did not think it would be necessary with only one fish ever being added to the tank. Oh well Thank you- I can do that. I have a sponge filter and I can get some bio-spira on Monday. I will wait until I have the bio-spira to put the blenny in the QT Thanks all. Any other advice?
  14. Gourami Swami

    Quarantine question

    Even if I do WCs every day, won't the presence of any ammonia stress the fish considerably? Which would be bad during an already stressful copper treatment? Would I be better off leaving the blenny in the reef while the QT tank cycles?
  15. Gourami Swami

    Equipment recommendations for a small tank

    I have the Hipargero (aquaknight) LED and it's great, for only 60$. The ABI par 38 already mentioned will be a bit cheaper, but IMO springing for the hipargero is a good move, looks much better over the tank than the par38s in desk lamps I have seen. I went the AIO route, it is easy and looks nice, though a bit more expensive than a normal 5 gallon tank and standalone filter. The AIO I am using is the imagitarium 6.8 gallon, they also make a 3.7 gallon which is very nice. They run about 60-70 bucks. Probably the cheapest AIO you can get, and the quality is actually quite good imo. The pump I am running is a hydor pico, 300gph and cost me 18 bucks on amazon. No complaints so far.