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    Need a new light

    I have this same light, works well and is the cheapest option by far. Os far as the top goes, you could DIY a mesh top, or you could just get a piece of 1/2" acrylic cut to the right size at home depot, and use the "rimless tank lid clips" they sell on amazon/ebay to hold it up
  2. Gourami Swami

    Distilled water question!!!

    I've been using only distilled water from cvs with no ill effects. Have barely any algae after a few months using it
  3. Gourami Swami

    What would you do in my shoes

    Thanks, think I am going to start out w the Fritz salt and see what my numbers are looking like before and after WC days. Then guess I will decide on either 2part or kalk depending on how much my corals consume.
  4. I learned the same lesson getting my first fish for my reef with ich. It is actually very common for the parasite to live "managed" and dormant in store tanks. It's a real a PITA to treat once you have corals in the tank. Had to let my reef go fishless for 8 weeks. Now I will quarantine any fish additions, and dip any coral or rock added; not worth the headache. Though I guess you don't have any room to be adding more fish in the 5g anyway. On the lighting subject- I recommend the hipargero with a cheap timer. That's what I'm using on a 6.8 gallon, and it's growing SPS, LPS, and softies, all very well. Can't beat it for the price. That fluval light looks good but I have read very mixed reviews. Either one would probably work for you, hipargero is cheaper, if that's a concern.
  5. Gourami Swami

    NanoRox PicoRox Pair - First Impressions

    Nice write up! I also bought a pair of them recently and am super happy with them as well. Quality is much better than any other "fake rock frag racks" I have seen. I'll get pics soon, need new frags to put on them.
  6. Gourami Swami

    What would you do in my shoes

    Cool, can I dose 2-part in the ATO in the same way that some people use kalk? Just figure out what I'm consuming, how much water is going into the tank, do the math and mix the ATO water to whatever percentage I need?
  7. Gourami Swami

    Oops! Ricordea Yuma ripped in half!

    Don't feel too bad, I did the same thing last week to an acan. Trying to pop it off the frag it was attached to so I could glue the encrusted "foot" right to the rock, I accidentally ripped it right in half. I was sure I had killed it, as you could easily see inside it, but now a few days later, both pieces have fattened up and are re-growing their missing half. So now I have two frags of this particular acan. It even still eats; I just have to watch and make sure the hermit crabs don't grab the mysis right from the coral's exposed stomach!
  8. Gourami Swami

    What would you do in my shoes

    Okay guys, thanks for your responses. I searched around the forum a little and decided to give fritz reef pro mix a shot. I ordered the smallest bag, so if it doesn't do what I want for my numbers, I can try another one like Red Sea Coral Pro next. The fritz supposedly mixes with Cal in the mid 400's, so hoping it works well for me. I think my next move is to get the ATO and use kalk in it to keep cal +alk up inbetween WC's. Or perhaps two-part, dosed on the days I don't do WC's. Kalk in the ATO sounds easier to me, but I have read from some people that it's easy to overdose this way? Any opinions on that?
  9. Gourami Swami

    Petco 3.7G Cubic Pico Reef Build!

    This thing is coming along! looks great. I have the 6.8g version, for the price they are super nice little tanks.
  10. Gourami Swami

    What would you do in my shoes

    Hello Nano-reef For 3 months now, my reef has been running successfully on "dumb luck". My tank is a 6.8g AIO tank, with no fancy equipment yet. I have mixed corals, mostly soft and LPS, with 3 pieces of sps. maybe 10-15 corals total. I have seen great growth in some, and slow growth in others, but nothing has died, bleached, or receded. All have grown to some degree- and some have doubled or more in size, even SPS like my monti cap. I have been doing 2 water changes of about 30% per week, one on sunday and one on wednesday, with regular instant ocean. I keep salinity at 1.025 ( measure w/ refractometer). Until now I had not been testing much of anything- but got Calcium and Alkalinity Hanna checkers for Christmas, and decided today to see what my numbers were like. PRE-water change Calcium 348 Alk 6.5 Post-Water change Calcium 360 Alk 8.5 I am going to be doing more testing to confirm this, but it looks like my tank has been running with low calcium, and alk on the lower side, probably since I have added a lot of stony coral in the last 1.5 months. Seems like it consumes 10ppm-ish of calcium, and the calcium level never gets high enough with water changes alone. I have read I should be shooting for mid-400's in calcium- correct? And the alkalinity- I have read many conflicting things, some say that 10 is good, some say should be a little lower. So I have been thinking I need to change something about my routine, or perhaps add some equipment, to keep my calc and alk higher. Here are the options I have been considering- 1) Do nothing- corals are growing, some may grow slowly but that's ok as long as they don't die. ( Thinking this problem may become worse as the corals grow though) 2) Switch to salt that mixes with higher calcium+alk. Idea being that my 2x/week water changes would keep the calc and alk high enough. This seems like perhaps the easiest method to me, if viable I would like to go this route. 3) Get an ATO with kalk or similar, to keep water level topped up while also keeping calc and alk up. Have been looking at the Hydor smart ato controller, the IM titanium controller, 4) Set up a doser and dose for calc + alk. I don't like the idea of manually dosing daily, since I go away for weekends pretty often, and while I can get someone to feed/top off the tank, I wouldn't trust them to dose, since an OD could wipe out the tank. What would you guys do if this was your tank? My budget to solve this issue is 100$ish. I should be able to set up an ato or doser for around that mark, from what I am seeing on amazon and BRS. I would prefer the most simple option, like switching salts, but I don't have much reefing experience and am having trouble figuring out which of these options make the most sense. Thoughts? Thanks
  11. Gourami Swami

    6.8g Imagitarium AIO

    Thank you. I have been running the light normally at 80% both white and blue, though whenever I get a new coral or fish I drop it down for a couple days to let them adjust. I plan to try bringing that up to 100%. I do have a glass lid on the tank because I don't want my fish to jump out. So far, I have not been dosing, just doing about 30% WC either once or (more recently) twice a week. I just got some hanna checkers to test my levels, and it looks like my alkalinity is pretty stable but on the low side, so I'm looking to move towards dosing soon. Trying to source an auto-doser, don't love the idea of doing it manually daily, incase I need to travel.
  12. Gourami Swami

    5.3g Pico Paradise

    Guess it depends on your personal goals or what you want. I have a mixed reef, because I am relatively new to reefing, and wanted to keep a little of everything, in order to see what I like best for a more focused future tank. Next time I set a reef up it will probably have a theme like you are describing. You have had reefs before so I would just ask; what are your favorites? something like an all zoa tank is an intriguing idea
  13. Gourami Swami

    What is this in my reef???

    I've got these in my tank as well. They exploded in population, then I added a wrasse and he seems to have eaten them all. I'm sure there are still some in the rock. They did not harm anything as far as I could tell. They do look like "munnids" to me
  14. Gourami Swami

    Corals ID

    Looks to me like a Hollywood stunner chalice and some favia "war coral"
  15. Gourami Swami

    DIY Copepods intank heaven

    doing something similar to this right now, or at least experimenting with it. Though I don't have a biocube, but same idea. I used one of these https://www.amazon.com/Yagote-Aquarium-Hatching-Incubator-Isolation/dp/B07C7VS3BD/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1547129135&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=breeder+box&psc=1 Only the bottom part Basically it's a plastic box that allows water to flow through, I have this in the back of my AIO with macro growing in it. The pods can't get back out of the AIO through the floss; some probably do get through the return pump, but once a week I take some of the macro and trim it, and shake this into the display, and some pods come off it. I have a Lepower LED light over this, and in the light I can see there are a lot of baby pods swimming around in it. Seems to be working so far.