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  1. Yeah, It actually moved off it's original frag plug and it's just attached to the rock now, can't get it off or I would try a dip. And the zoanthid colony in front has grown onto the same rock and is attached, as well as all the xenia, so don't want to dip the entire rock when the other corals are doing well. The Montipora are doing great, the red/blue one has encrusted and spread over the whole top of that rock front and back. The newer monti frag I have is growing too. The acropora are doing okay, the one directly on top bleached a little bit, I think it got too much light. I moved the light closer to the tank with the diy legs, and I think burned it a little. But it seems to only be the top of it, most of the frag has polyps extended. I think the aquaknight/hipargero is plenty of light for sps, as long as they are front and center under the light.
  2. Video update of the reef, I've added a baby misbar clown and a scarlet cleaner shrimp in the last few weeks, both are doing well. All the corals are doing great, except my Yuma mushroom, who popped out 5 baby shrooms in a few days time, and then shriveled up and turned half white, not sure why. The babies seem to be fine, and other corals are loving life. Hoping it bounces back.
  3. I love this tank! Biotopes are awesome, I have kept several freshwater biotopes in my time and find it to be a very cool part of the hobby, to be able to recreate an exact replica of one region in your tank. I think your macros mesh well with the corals you've chosen, and the scape looks really great. I feel like this is totally something I would see diving in the islands. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
  4. If you've never done a reef before, mini complete tank is probably not a great way to start. They are a cool novelty but that tiny volume of water means that swings in lots of parameters are going to happen especially for somebody who doesn't have a grasp on those parameters yet. I'd recommend going for something 5-10 gallons for a while first to get the hang of it, then doing the MCT. Just my .02
  5. I've been looking at this one for when I upgrade my tank https://www.amazon.com/VIPARSPECTRA-Timer-165W-Aquarium-Dimmable/dp/B00UMXAR5S/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=viparspectra+reef&qid=1551359976&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1 Similar to the marsaqua but has a built in timer. dimmable separate channels. Looks cool, seems like a nice light, and I know lots of people here use this one and similar Chinese black boxes with success. And it's pretty cheap. Only downside would be you can't play with it on an app like you could with the prime etc.
  6. Ah, that's taller than I thought! That should be just enough I'm guessing.
  7. Feb FTS looking great! Still one of my favorites on this site!
  8. Nice! You've got a couple things I've been wanting- that sump, and the XP aqua duetto. Let me know how you like them! You've probably thought of this, but i'd make sure you have enough room to get into and out of the tank easily for maintenance, doesn't look like that tall of a shelf. Good luck with the setup!
  9. What used to be called Acans, are now called Micromussa Lordhowensis, is my understanding of it. Yours all looks like Micro Lords (acans) to me. For short, I still call them acans
  10. The jebao may or may not be too much. Which model do you have? I have an OW10 in my 6.6 bowfront- at first It seemed like way too much, but I was able to play around with the settings and now I feel like it's okay. The "w2" setting seems to work the best in my tank without making it into a whirlpool. Hadn't seen those blueacro lights- they look really cool! Will be interested to see how it looks set up. I have a friend who runs an 80 gallon reef on a canister. It works fine as long as you open it up and clean it often like you said, but opening them up weekly sounds like a major PITA to me; I think you'll have more than enough filtration with just the AQ
  11. This thread is 11 years old, viparspectra didn't even exist when he posted that....
  12. The corals you mention don't need much light so that might work out fine. Perhaps put tall-growing coral on the back (light part) of the scape, so they will absorb the light and could be seen over the top. Like nepthea
  13. They make this thing in 10 gallons too, for 80 bucks. Seems like it would make a nice little reef. I'll be interested to see how yours turns out!
  14. I think it looks great. Colors don't match now but they will in a few months. Nice work
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