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  1. 10/6/18 ----------------------------------- Picked up unused a 22g Mr Aqua cheap since the former owner had a change of plans with his build. Plan is to keep this inexpensive and use mostly existing equipment. Would like to keep a reef tank but nothing that drains the pockets too much with ongoing cost like electricity and salt. 2017-07-14_06-17-32 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr I went back and forth between AIO vs sump. Decided on AIO since upgrading to a sump afterwards wouldn't be too hard if I dislike it. I think they both have pro's and cons and both can be successful. I already have a AIO section for a 20g Long so I cut it shorter to fit inside the Mr Aqua. This is the old badfish kit from years ago. Carving out the line to cut it. 2017-07-14_06-17-57 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr The stand is a cheap used piece from Habitat for Humanity. Its solid wood instead of crappy particle board and it's also recycling Plans are to replace the hardware and paint it black. It had a great spot for a ATO or perfect for a sump if I ever change my mind. 2017-07-14_06-18-21 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr 2017-07-14_06-18-34 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr
  2. Tamberav

    Leopard Toby Puffer

    Rock up against the glass will get annoying for cleaning. I am not sure if the tank size is deceiving but it honestly looks small for a toby puffer long term. They are quite active.
  3. Tamberav

    My first fish, a Royal Gramma

    Mine is out all the time being a little pig 🙂
  4. Tamberav

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

  5. Tamberav

    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    Ya, I will just have to get a shag in the next order when the tank is stable again. I wanted some hairy stuff too. Look forward to seeing what you get! That shiznopolis sunset milli looks great too! Duno! I remember those DinoPets too. I think that might have been a kickstarter though.
  6. Tamberav

    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    Correct! Why can't I get the glowing kind of dino 😛 I wouldn't be so unhappy about it. oo just 8 bucks? tempting! A mini complete with glowing dino! https://www.carolina.com/algae/bioluminescent-dinoflagellates-living/153305.pr
  7. Tamberav

    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    The KZ stuff is too rich for my blood but I am basically just using chalk powder, super absorbent to grab whatever is in the water column to be filtered out. It won't help with what is on the rocks and not all dino behaves the same but I basically was just blasting it off the rocks/coral and then using DIY Coral Snow to help the skimmer/floss remove it. It is best used at night for dino as that is when some types of dino go into the water column. The after effect is amazingly crystal clear water and a very dirty skimmer/floss. My idea for using it was for manual removal to keep it under control from killing all the coral. Meanwhile raising nutrients and adding bacteria. What works for one person doesn't always work for the next when it comes to dino, that is for sure. Maybe because there are so many different strains. I had planned to but did not get in on it because of the dino, it showed up a day or two after I said I wanted to join! I didn't want to buy a bunch of coral then kill it all. I am kinda bummed, I wanted that shag priority.
  8. Tamberav

    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    Thanks! I totally agree with you, I lost much of my diversity on my rock in my last move as I left the rock in a bin and no light with a powerhead for a long time. I am working on setting up a frag tank and would like to order live rock for the frag tank and to seed my other tanks to bring that diversity back. I am going to continue with the coral snow which should catch any floaters in the water at night to pull them out.
  9. Tamberav

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    LRS fish frenzy is basically everything in 1 pack. Their website shows how they make it: http://www.larrysreefservices.com/our-ingredients.html Anyone concerned with the long term effects of garlic? There was some evidence posted in a study that garlic damaged the liver and kidneys of fish. It was high doses but I just use it for new fish/picky fish, not long term as fish don't eat garlic in the wild and I am not certain it is healthy for them so I try to stay away.
  10. Tamberav

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    I get algae with flakes but unrinsed frozen is no problem and the juice feeds the coral and small organisms. I think frozen food like LRS is healthier than dry foods imo.
  11. Tamberav

    Corals for beginners???

    Pavona coral under SPS.....practically unkillable
  12. Tamberav

    Clowning Around...

    Still clowns? 😛
  13. Tamberav

    Neither of my clownfish seem to want to host my anemone? Any tips?

    I am going off topic...but Mai tai clowns are a cross with a bonded pair and the female being a perc but that is the only personal pair I know of. There is an old thread on here somewhere with pics of them and their eggs and offspring. Obviously it is unusual and my guess is that female perc is large and mean to keep the maroon a male.
  14. Tamberav

    Hanna Alk Calibration/Accuracy

    I have had my hanna give odd readings before, so I bought that kit to check calibration. It worked great and proved it was the REAGENT that was bad and not the hanna checker. Got a new reagent, problem solved. Stability is the main thing though. It doesn't really matter much if your alk is 7.6 or 8.2 so long as it is stable. These are hobby grade test kits so don't even expect any of them to be pinpoint accurate.
  15. Tamberav

    Corals for beginners???

    Looks good except Elegance is not beginner friendly imo. Green Slimer is often the beginner acro chosen.
  16. Tamberav

    stocking question 10g

    I like this stock list. If you do get the clown 1st, get a little juvie/baby. Will probably not be aggressive to new tank mates if it is still small. I am guessing you want the clown 1st since they are more beginner friendly. Ideally I would do clown goby > tail spot > clown.
  17. Tamberav

    New clownfish not eating for a week

    Sounds exactly like internal parasites, he needs to be treated with prazipro asap. https://www.amazon.com/Hikari-Usa-AHK73254-Prazipro-Aquarium/dp/B004LOBGYA/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=prazipro&qid=1547976447&s=Pet+Supplies&sr=1-2
  18. Thanks! I like it 🙂 Certainly stronger and better looking than particle board stands. Hopefully it holds up well, my stainless steel light hanger still gets some rust spots but they wipe away easily and and if I keep it clean, it's not really an issue. I think with a stainless steel ATI fixture or unpainted/clear coated nano-box to match the stand and what not... it could look really slick.
  19. Tamberav

    Anemone lighting curiosity question

    Just start with easier lower light demanding SPS if you try it. Some SPS look best under high par and others look best under lower par so really research the specific coral you are purchasing. However, SPS need a stable tank with solid parameters, letting the tank mature and settle helps this. The one thing about anemones is THEY MOVE... so you can't just stick one on top of the rocks and say ta-da.
  20. Tamberav

    Yellow tang question

    Tangs travel great distances in the wild in groups... your tank is so small it can't possibly behave natural or get a good running start w/o crashing into a wall. I would suggest trading it in for a nano sized fish. Yellow Assessor Basslets are nice bright yellow fish if yellow is what you are looking for. Quiet honestly large fish in small tanks looks unnatural and makes the tank look even smaller than it is. It is just not appealing to the eye. This is why freshwater aquascape artists use tiny fish to make small tanks appear larger than they are.
  21. Tamberav

    Anemone lighting curiosity question

    So you mean t5's? T5 is different than LED and should give a broader spectrum. I am not sure actinic has that high of par vs blue+ Be sure you have a good fixture + bulbs vs tank size/spread. I would think all blue+ would be fine but most people toss in a single coral+ or something so the tank looks more natural and the colors of certain corals look like crap under just blues. People are generally trying to find both color + growth for SPS. A 6500k can really boost growth but make corals look like poop.
  22. Tamberav

    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    Just a scant amount of dino left in the DT so I guess I can save myself some $$ and return this UV. Mostly it's just congregating in the filter floss but less and less. Got lucky if this stays away
  23. Tamberav

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon

    Tank is ordered as of today. Now I have to painfully wait for it to arrive....
  24. Tamberav

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon

    Not totally, it's doing pretty well overall, just some minor algae issues from all the dead snails, it doesn't help I have not replaced my CUC yet but I havn't made it to the LFS. I would like to order from reef-cleaners but it's too dang cold atm.
  25. Tamberav

    What skimmer to choose

    Oh, gotcha! I got myself confused with another skimmer thread.