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  1. Ya, the rules say standard but I don't think it bows very much? If my leak test fails I may have to get one of those or UNS.
  2. Not sure other then they are both bottled bacteria so in theory they should be similar.
  3. That is what I am using atm, there are a few other brands but haven't tried them. NeoNitrate, ME Nitrate, and some people make their own from potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate powders.
  4. I looked at that one but wasn't sure if it being a bowfront would be an issue. I forgot how cheap that tank is though and it's looking good right now.
  5. It would probably break too.. nah I looked around yesterday and didn't find another.
  6. Nahh alreasdy made my scape and it would mess with it. I have an idea I might try.
  7. Well...I wanted to do this on the cheap and the scrap glass was 2 bucks. I may put some sort of background over it...we will see what I can find.
  8. I am guessing it's okay since the tank has a rim...rim should be taking the load I would think.
  9. I would be careful with those Nitrates... too low and corals will begin to suffer and dino pest may show up. I just started dosing Nitrates to try and get mine up. Nitrates and PO4 are necessary for growth and health of corals. If you bring your Nitrates up it may naturally drop your PO4 since organisms use both. Be careful with any filtration you use with Nitrates hanging so low.
  10. The ATO is a separate glass tank and really no different than any other tank other than plugging a small hole. I thought about using mine but not sure it fits the dimensions.
  11. Springer damsel is known for its flatworm eating abilities, beautiful and cheap. They are also pretty passive as far as damsels go so people don't tend to have issue keeping them with other fish. https://www.liveaquaria.com/product/2073/?pcatid=2073
  12. I guess it's time to hit up the glass scrap bin at Lowe's tomorrow and see if I can find a piece to fit over the crack 😛
  13. Just covering it on both sides...then slap some Band-Aids or tape on? It can't be much pressure.
  14. https://aqualabaquaria.com/products/uns-5n-ultra-clear-rimless-aquarium-4-gal-ultum-nature-systems Too big?
  15. Keep it...that tank sounds awesome Was only around 10 with tax 😄
  16. At least it wasn't wet yet. I am tempted just to silicone over the crack and make it even jankier.
  17. oh my god.. my dog just broke my 10 dollar janky tank. Won't lie... it didn't take much for him to do it... the glass is so thin grr. He was playing with a soft rubber bone and sometimes he tosses stuff and swings it around and it slapped the tank right in the side and pop.
  18. My vet would write me a Rx but I have to bring the fish in. Pretty sure they are required to see the animal in person to prescribe medications. He treats my cats/dogs though so he knows me. I think it would be a lot harder if you had to just find one for your fish only. I also printed out as much information on treatment of fish and the medications I was asking for to give it to him.
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