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  1. Those electric blues are evil. Mine is always trying to pull smaller hermits out of their shells for no reason, it's in a full size Turbo snail shell so there's not any occupied shells it could even fit into.
  2. freakin' awesome aquascape!
  3. You don't "believe" in safety?
  4. That white/clear thing growing from the bottom of the rock in the center is a sponge.
  5. In saltwater
  6. Great color! I just got these and waiting on them to open up
  7. How many toenails does that thing have?!?!?!? They go all the way up it's friggin' leg. And it's eating it's back leg wtf is with that "dog"?
  8. Nice car! I like the wheels. I just sold the one I had but it wasn't near that nice.
  9. Hey nice clown! Is it mailorder or LFS? If ordered where from? Oh and help that xenia out.
  10. Buy another Ikea chair and put in the center and split the difference on either side giving you more support in the middle. Use the extra space on the sides to put your test kits and whatever else. It depends on your aquascaping but most likely a mojority of the weight from your live rock will be in the center where right now doesn't have support. I like your thinking with this especially if you have small children. I have the metal stand and when I'm cleaning the glass I have to support it with my other hand or it rocks back and forth.
  11. Is that what a crack pipe looks like?
  12. Great diagram thanks!