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  1. SPS ID Please

    Millepora? http://www.oracorals.com/wp-content/upload...-millepora1.jpg
  2. I'm interested in the Urchin, do you have feedback anywhere?
  3. Is this a Monti or another type of SPS?

    Spongodes maybe?
  4. Where do i stick the hose?

    Link to instructions skip the cpr skimmer instructions and go to page 3 and it tells you where everything should go
  5. Where do i stick the hose?

    So is that three outties or one outtie on the outtake? If it's just one outtie and it's on the outtake then I would imagine that would be the hole you should stick it in. Plug it into each one and which ever one makes it create bubbles then that's it.
  6. How do I calibrate a TDS meter?

    1382 PPM Solution (for TDS electrodes, 220 ml), CD-870910 from Foster & Smith Would this work with an Inline digital TDS meter?
  7. isnt that a plate coral?

    Who was it that had the snotty attitude again
  8. isnt that a plate coral?

    Cool story and yes, it's a plate coral (Fungia). The one I have swallows up anything that lands on it. NRN, you forgot about Bacterioplankton
  9. On the back of my TDS meter it says calibrate with NaCI which is salt, correct? How would I go about calibrating it?
  10. Why do you like Aquaclear filters and why are you getting one?
  11. Aqua Lifter as dosing pump

    4.5"L x 2.5"W x 2"H
  12. I like to buy name brand hardware, knockoffs tend to be unreliable.
  13. what to do with 2 20gal long tanks ?

    20g reef 20g sump/fuge
  14. It's clear, I like to see what's happening in there.
  15. which one to get

    I got the cheap one from Foster & Smith and it's worked great, every time I go to re-calibrate it hasn't ever needed it. I think I paid around $50 for it Here it is