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  1. Coral ID Please

    All, I purchased this coral some time back and I forgot to write down the name. Since it has been in the tank, the white clove looking coral has taken up residence. Can any please identify both of these? Thanks for your help
  2. I am lighting my 3 gallon PICO with the Current USA Satellite Single Compact Fluorescent, 1X18 Watt light and I would like to know what type of Coral will do well under this light. I currently have some mushrooms in there and they are doing well but I want to expand if possible. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. light for all zoa tank

    Adding to your question, is there a list or site to find out what type of coral that will do well under the Satellite One 18 Watt SmartPaq 50/50 Lamp (10,000K/460nm Actinics)?
  4. BennyJ's 28G JBJ Nano Cube HQI

    BennyJ I am thinking of modifying my center compartment with LR and Cheoto also. I am concerned on the light attachment and can the lid still be lifted? Can you send me a picture of your center compartment lighting setup? Also the LR, did you put it into a bag so you could pull it out if required? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks