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  1. ok i sent the pic to scooternerd. And its ridiculous that you guys think erick and i have an arrangement. Ive posted pics before just not with a t shirt in it. I'm a 17 year old kid in highschool in miami, fl. Erick doesnt even live near me.
  2. can i e-mail anyone my pics? i cant seem to upload them for some reason =/
  3. can i e-mail anyone my pics, the computer is still not letting me upload it....=/
  4. fuh, i dunno. like i put in my memory card and it shows on my computer, then when i try to upload it, it says that it cant. ok ill try again, later today.
  5. ok i figured i might as well buy myself another two weeks to get started on this thing..if i ever do.. .....ok so much for that..my computer is acting up and for some reason i cant upload the photo. Here is a link to it, hopefully it works, and if anything copy and paste it into the search bar...sorry but kinda need to finish some college essays so this is the best i could do. picture Edit: sorry about that, forgot to put the url, but the hyper link works on my computer.. let me know if it works now. http://sn118w.snt118.mail.live.com/att/Get...C144CBA6A5C80||
  6. ill try to post my pic tonight,,havent even started my tank, hopefully i can stay in the contest but i seriously have no time at all lately..
  7. I'm here and i've been looking at the thread a couple of times a week, but school is really killing me right now. I haven't even had time to water test my tank; but I am still keeping updated on this thread, and I'm still in the contest...just lagging behind a bit. Sorry.
  8. Ok calm down you guys. I'm PMing Maria right now to tell her that she can go ahead and start the contest whenever she wishes. She just needs to tell us the random object we need. Sorry if I haven't been around as much but school work and a kid getting killed at my school, plus the start of soccer practice havent exactly made for an easy week. But as soon as Maria gives the go ahead you guys are free to do as you wish.
  9. Someone posted this before So you could get apiece of acrylic and put it on top of the tank and drill that and chill it without having to drill the actual tank..
  10. No HOB's allowed. Sorry. You can use the chiller if you drill the tank, or figure out some other way to use it (i think bob had posted a way earlier in this thread that didnt drill the tank).
  11. i got my aquarium and it looks fine though i havent really looked at it much, school is killing me. If you guys could PM me when you get it that would be great. That way i can keep track of who has received it.
  12. Im staying up to date. School is taking up most of my time now, with college apps and all, but i have been reading the thread. I dont plan on announcing an official start date until everyone has received their tanks safely (i.e. not broken or messed up in any serious way). Once everyone has them then i will announce a starting date, and maria can pick the random item for people to put in..
  13. I havent heard from erick, im sure he'll update us when hes ready to ship out. And yes, this thread is unorganized at times, but that is not because i wanted it to be so, its just the nature of people voicing their opinions. A new thread will be the same thing as this, since people will just voice their opinions over there as well; but, it will confuse people more, since now they have to keep up with 2 threads, plus their own thread.