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  1. I just installed. Front ATI Blue Plus ATI Purple Plus ATI Coral Plus ATI Blue Plus Back As it has been noted the ATI Purple Plus passed a red tinge to everything and was more purple than blue. I put one of my old ATI Blue Plus bulbs back in and there is a significant difference in both pop of the colors and the purple/reddish color cast is now gone. I'm now running the following and am very happy. The tank has a very nice 20k look now. Front ATI Blue Plus ATI Blue Plus ATI Coral Plus ATI Blue Plus Back
  2. Man I'd pass on that one. Fish need length not height and Jai brings up a good point on the copper so inverts are out. I raised cichlids many years ago and no way they would be happy in it. You've also got lighting issues at that depth and plumbing issues with no flat sides. Also to get enough rocks in it seems like it might get top heavy. I'd cash in the coins you had in it and buy a new tank. That thing had to of held several hundred dollars in coins. Now if you could figure out a way to cut the bottom off and link two tanks together with it I'd definitely be watching. Also if you could make it do this full time that would be something to see http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/cl...ms/tornado1.htm
  3. +1 on this. Alk cal mag on my 15. DT's part 1&2 and Tech M.
  4. Whoops had a brain fart it was weetie I was thinking about on the light. RU planning an ATO? My ten lost water like crazy without a top.
  5. Soak your hydrometer in vinegar to clean it. Both my toadstool and Kenya are very sensitive to anything higher than 1.026 and really at 1.026 they are stressed. When they aren't doing well my shrooms aren't as expanded. THis doesn't affect anything else in my tank if water quality is good. Since you are running carbon, doing large weekly water changes and the harder corals are doing fine then my guess is temp, tds in makeup water, salt batch, calcium/alk is all good. Just to be sure you haven't started a new bag of salt when all this happened?
  6. Found you. Tag you're it! If I remember right you had a hello lights 4x24 T5HO that went on sale some years ago like mine. Did it die? Great colors BTW! Always love your pics and rainbow tanks. I say call it the "Rainbow 10"! I might have missed it but which bulbs are you running in the Nova? I'm due for new bulbs.
  7. Looks great! I've been trying to understand your overflow. Can you get a pic of it? It's very clean looking and is why I ask. On your stocking I'm not sure I'd add that third fish but if you do you might consider a pistol/goby combo. I'm fond of the yellow watchman. The other is the yellow clown goby. I think in both cases the streak of yellow would be cool. The clown goby is especially nice since he is normally found out on the open and is very small and shouldnt push your loading. However the symbiotic relationship of the pistol/goby is very cool to watch also. Great work! Steve
  8. Was just going through some of my tracked topics and came to take a peek and it's gone It was a great tank Lani!
  9. Awesome. More pics please I like photobucket. You can send the photos directly from your iPhone via email. Steve
  10. Later Bro Quick wit and big smile will be missed....
  11. Also one last thing. When was the last time you regened your purigen? Id remove the purigen IF it was a pack you did a regen on AND you replaced it prior to your sitter taking over the tank. If there was some bleach left in the pack then you have your answer. Fyi after you get this solved I personally would drop the purigen and chemipure. I'll probably get flamed but as good as those products are I think at 14 gallons it could be too much filtration. 2ppm nitates with both those products in a 14 could mean more is going on in the background. That is a personal opinion and might not be shared by others. I've used both on my 15 and without them things seemed better to me.
  12. I doubt it but here is a good article from Randy Dinoflagellates My personal cure for this is massive water change and carbon changed weekly. After the massive water change I will do 20% changes every three days or so. I didn't see PH listed in your numbers so check that. Monitor temp during the day also and make sure it isn't creeping way up now that things are warming up. Finally salinity is at 1.026. If you are keeping that consistant cool but if you have having a swing up cause of water loss during the day then that is another issue. Personally I've gone back down the 1.024, however even with swings in salinity and 1.030 you aren't going to have a tank crash like that so quickly. I had a "friend" watch a tank one time and think it would be funny if I came back and found "sea monkey's" in there. I'm not sure how much he put in but it was cloudy when I got back. Just a thought.
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