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  1. Jawfish home FS

    Looking for $25 shipped Email me: hirschy75 at yahoo dot com
  2. Your Favorite Fish

    Have a favorite fish? Post a pic, share his/her name, tell a funny/favorite story or whatever else you wanna do
  3. feedback for wolverine

    Go to know, avoiding like the plague
  4. How to get algae off coral plugs?

    Thought that wasn't good for coral?
  5. If you have zoos or whatever on a plug how do you get the algae off of it without hurting the coral?
  6. Has this ever happened to anyone?!

    Step 1: wet your finger Step 2: dip finger in bag/bucket of salt Step 3: enjoy the sensation
  7. Lion's Coral Den! Kessil, Rics, Zoas, Palys!

    Those are awesome! Where'd you get them?
  8. MikeTR's BC14...

    Do you have an open top? I can't imagine the 20K is under that hood?
  9. +1 They're only there for a short time before they're sold to a (hopefully) good home And it's hard to watch for disease/problems in a huge display vs a smaller tank. And harder to catch them
  10. Can switching salt kill shrimp?

    I'll certainly test everything later tonight but I figured if things were goin down my crab would be doin bad to and it's happy as could be. I also forgot to say my blood used to kick the cleaner out of its hiding spot, now that it's gone the skunk has a new spot to hang. I guess we'll see tonight
  11. Can switching salt kill shrimp?

    No I made sure to check salinity as best I could and had no swings. Tuesday I acclimated some new zoas (thanks tenor!!) and lost a little water in the process but I doubt there were any swings with that. Total water change was 2 gallons. Maybe 2.25
  12. Can switching salt kill shrimp?

    Right? That's what I thought too but idk what else it could be?
  13. Go back to your today only price and I'd PayPal you that!
  14. It's the only thing I can think of. I switched over to Biosea reef crystals (instead of IO) and I lost my blood shrimp on Tuesday, my cleaner is rather hidden now so I'm not sure he's feeling to well either. I don't know what to do, my proclaim crab is fine, all my coral is fine except for one magicians play polyp that hasn't opened since Saturday. It was only a 10% change. Everything was 0 that should be, I think I was at 1.0245
  15. Damn damsel fish

    The title should read: "Damn girlfriend"