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  1. 60g Cube help what skimmer to use?

    what skimmer would be good to use in my 10g sump/refug tank for my 60g cube? i have seen them from 50 dolllar to 500 dollars. which is best for the money?
  2. Help with new fuge

    I am about to build the same setup, is that a 10 gallon? what kind of skimmer do you plan on using in there
  3. Cycle Question

    from what i read there are gonna be alot of populates in that sand and rock you got from the local beach.
  4. Good crab in a 10 gallon FOWLR

    i have 4-6 snails and an 1 Emerald crab in my bc14. he dont bother the snails at all. he does a real nice job on the rocks, good cleaner
  5. Pistol Shrimp and Gobies

    i can i get a Pistol Shrimp and Gobies for my bc 14? right now all i have is 4 black mexican turbo snails, 2 nass and an emerald crab.i plan on addings some mushrooms, polyps, and maybe zoas in the distance future. everything seems to be going well and my reading are as follows pH 8.2 Am 0 no2 0 no3 40 temp 77-79 SG 1.023 i am due for my water change on Sunday what can i use to control "the whitebugs on my glass?" they dont bother me but there are aton of them. i was just wondering if anything eats them?
  6. New weird creature

    maybe its a feather duster, i found a tiny one on my lr.
  7. Setting up a new tank Breakdown?

    the best way to get info is look for someones Journal on their tanks. for example i have a bio cube 14, people who been on here for a long time have start up journals step by step on what they did and how it works. look in the "all in one" lobby..Good Luck
  8. BioCube 14 gal...On Fire!

    use something to prop the lid up like 2-3 inches, thats what i do
  9. Heat problelms with stock BC14

    i have a maxjet900 and a koralia nano in my BC14 i dont even have a heater in my tank and it runs from 75-79, durning the day with the lights on i prop the lid open around 2-3 inches at night i just open the feeding door i have ordered from nantuners the upgrade for the 3rd light and i got 2 better fans and an adjustable speed setting for the fans, i havent wire everthing in yet but it should help with the heat. i too was also planning on adding a few more holes to let the hot air out.
  10. i have about 2-3 of these Bristleworms should i be worried? is there a type of crab that feeds on these guys? i havent gotten any cuc members yet so i was wordering if they will help control them
  11. maybe they are not nassarius? alot of snails look the same maybe you got a differant type of snail and didnt relieze it
  12. [Biocube 14] Inside Hood Water Condensation

    i would like to see some pictures of this fan mod, i was thinking of doing something like that also.
  13. Oceanic Bio Cube 14 skimmer help

    i read alot of other peoples set-ups and on a BC14 you can get away w/o using a protein skimmer. i dont use one on mine, instead i plan on putting cheato and a submersible LED in the second chamber and my heater in the first, letting my 14lbs of live rock do the rest.
  14. My stess inducing tank :)

    +1 Read the Journals for your type of tank {BC8] in the forum called "all in one tanks"