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  1. Got everything moved, the livestock in the new tank, and picked up a couple of LED lights to complete the lighting. Now the next step is to up grade the sump and skimmer this weekend.
  2. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

  3. After we move the tank I was looking at a minimalist type aquascaping. Any ideas on that would be helpful. I will be looking at what need to be upgraded first after the tank move. Lighting is my first priority. Next is to dump the bio balls and see if the sump will work adding a sock and larger skimmer. If not that upgrade the sump and skimmer second. Livestock will transfer when ever possible to get the other tank sold and out of the way. Not looking to add much in the way of livestock until everything has been upgraded to what is needed to keep this tank healthy. Please follow along and comments are welcome. This hobby has been in my blood for over ten years now. A lot has changed since I started and I am always open minded on new things if they work.
  4. Well she is not going to kill me as of yet lol. I have a current Nano tank set up and was not looking to go to a bigger tank due to the cost of the equipment and everything else. Having two small boys it makes it hard to justify spending the amount of money needed to start from scratch. Here is my current IM Nuvo 24 setup. The tank has done great so far and is about 10 months old. A good friend on mine has a 150 gallon FOWLR set up that he is wanting to get rid of. He moved all of his fish over to the new tank and is needing to get this tank out of his way. The tank is less then 4 years old and has a custom made stand with it. It measures 72" long x 20" wide x 24" deep. The filtration will need some upgrades to be used as a reef tank and I still need to buy another maxispect light to match my current one or get another reef capable light of some type. Sand and about 150 pounds of live rock are coming with the tank. It has been water, rock, and sand only for about 6 months now. Here is the 150 as it sits before the move. Here is the current filtration that will need to be up graded.
  5. This thread is saved for the current FTS.
  6. Well been awhile. The tank is still going strong. I was just give a 150 gallon RR tank and stand set up that is currently running with rock and sand only in it. We will be moving the tank to my house on Saturday. This tank with have everything transferred to the new tank when it is ready. So this is my last post on this thread. This tank did come out pretty good for the 10 month it was up. Look for my buildthread in the large tank section and keep on reefing on.
  7. Aquascaping a long tank

    that is sweet
  8. I have been there! I did not know the name of the owner, but he was a really cool guy. That sucks. Sad to see people that care about their hobby try to make a living doing something that they love only to have some idiot screw it all up.
  9. Updated close ups Current Sump area with fuge set up. Current FTS
  10. Six Line Some of the hitch hickers that made it through the live rock transfer
  11. Got a package in two weeks ago and thought I would update some of the progress. Reef Cleaners came came in and I picked up a few corals and a six line of the last two weeks as well. Seeded the fuge and started dosing for the corals. Still doing weekly water changes as well. Reef Cleaner Package Dosing these
  12. You may want to invest in a Auto Top Off unit. It will make life easier. You can use a wave maker / circulation pump with no issues. It will actually help with the filtration of the live rock. I have never had the Jebao pumps so I am not the best one to answer if that pump is right for your tank. Nice overall set up btw.
  13. Aquascaping a long tank

    Nano Aquariums & Reef Keepers or Reef Starters.
  14. Reef room décor

    Thank You. I guess it is not hard to tell that I am in a small Texas town. lol