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  1. pm me if you have one for sale
  2. do_0b

    Keeping SPS under Kessil A80

    red sea coral salt pro?
  3. do_0b

    wtb - mame overflow

    bump still looking for one!
  4. do_0b

    Keeping SPS under Kessil A80

    ya its a beautful fixture...im wondering if theyre gonna update it with a new model anytime soon
  5. do_0b

    Keeping SPS under Kessil A80

    probably sps most likely.... I think if I go with A80 than im gonna go shallow like 18 x 18 x 12. If not, I will jus go for the a360we.
  6. do_0b

    Keeping SPS under Kessil A80

    whats the maximum height do you think the light is good for? im thinking of going for an 18 x 18 x 18" tank...do you think the a80 is strong enough for that height?
  7. do_0b

    Keeping SPS under Kessil A80

    damn nice growth! are you doing anything else like dosing ca, mg, alk and/or AA?
  8. looking for one shipped to Chicago please and thank you!
  9. Thanks Chris! Was told its a fromia starfish. I got more corals but will probably update with pics next week.
  10. Thanks me too! Thanks man...was hoping to go more minimal but worried the fishs got no place to hide lol
  11. March 19. 2017 Update Got some more corals this week. Took some pics of the new additions.
  12. hey dude, how much ml are you dosing for ca, mg, and alk a day?
  13. yes, very happy...and the overflow works well. I really liek the low profile, doesnt take up a lot of space in the tank Thank you sir! Thanks man, you gave me the inspiration to start this tank lol. Cant wait for you to start your new tank!