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  1. no more tonga? im thinking of doing tonga to go more minimalistic
  2. because my tank is around the sam size and im dosing 4ml a day..
  3. looking for the orange sticker with ph probe and temp probe. shipped to chicago. LMK
  4. looking for either items. shipped to chicago thanks!
  5. Piccasso Clowns I sold my wyoming whites and platinum clowns and tonight I picked up a pair of piccaso clowns. They are probably just shy of 2" in length. Owner had them since they were probably quarter of an inch. As soon as they were acclimated they went straight for the flame anemone
  6. kessil 160, radion xr15w are also other options
  7. Red Planet Frag picked one up from a local the colours on this piece....favourite so far..Eyeing Pink Lemonade next.
  8. nice growth man! what settings are you using for your camera?
  9. nice, im thinking about adding a blue monster
  10. As requested... Sump Pic Stand Pic Picked up some new corals yesterday as well.... Purple Slimer? This one has a green body and purple blue tips Gold Hammer Frag My Favourite side of the tank Top View (No Flow)
  11. thanks man, i'll take some next time but my sump and stand is pretty basic. heard dip doesnt do anything for brown jelly....jus gotta cut the head and take the loss Frag Pickup 11/17/16 Smooth skin acro...hopefully it tables out nicely..
  12. Brown Jelly Disease Was wondering why my mandarin swag torch wasnt opening up these past couple days and this morning i see this: sigh...