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  1. CRAB ALERT! Any ideas? Good pic inside!

    wow thick looking guy. A gorilla type?
  2. rimless 15 gallon?

    Hey Just wondering if the tank still held up. Im just getting back into the forum.
  3. Top downs of recent frags

    thats a nice purple
  4. Bunster

    congrats. My gf saw it and said she wants to live in that tank haha.
  5. Legendary Zoa Pack

    thats alot of awesome
  6. Tinpanva

    thats great congrats
  7. More $ for hobbies!

  8. Zoa and Button garden

    what you feed them and how to have them so nice and plump
  9. April 2012 Reef Profile - Marc3Lo19

    wow well done. simply beautiful. bzphotog
  10. baught new UVL actinic white

    so i go a geismann aquablue+ good results...got what I wanted color wise but still has growth spectrum
  11. baught new UVL actinic white

    I would love to get ATI, it doesnt seem that anyone sells them in BC canada.
  12. zoas

    whats your routine to keep those so plump and healthy, mine seem to shrink but not die.
  13. baught new UVL actinic white

    Hey i was just doing a new bulb change and went with a 12000K actinic white. I wanted a bulb that was white but going to the blue side...when compared to my 10000K but got a gross nasty pink mess. This makes my tank look gross..very dissapointed in this bulb everyone always raves about these. I am running a 10000K and two actinics plus this new one. Is there a bulb in the 12000K range that is bluer/white with color enhancing that if turned ob by it self if would give me a nice color? thanks for your help bzphotog Edit: i have Geismann, coralife and uvl available to me.
  14. Creepy creature

    spaghetti worm?
  15. T5 bulb suggestions (4x24)

    Hi All So I am due for a bulb change in my fixture that is 4x24 configuration. I have now 2 10000K and 2 actinic. I want to change to a setup that will give me growth while increasing the florescence of colors in my corals. I am thinking in terms of brands either suggestions of Geissman or ATI that is available around me. CAn you please suggest a 4 bulb combo? I am assuming that if the bulb is blue but still has a full spectrum then it will still grow corals right? like the ati aquablue for example. thanks for any help. bzphotog