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  1. F.S. Equipment 30" 150 watt metal halide

    The light is still available!
  2. I have a Current USA (I believe) for sale. Have switched to led's. The bulb needs to be changed. Unit is in good condition. One of the 4 wing nuts with the screw is missing. Local pickup is preferred for I have no idea of what the unit would cost to ship. Asking $100.00 or b.o. Oh, I forgot, my location is Bristol, TN...sorry about that
  3. F.S. Equipment

  4. black and white clown babies

    Well it finally happened...after 3 years my 2 black and white clowns decided to start a family. Guess I'm a grandma!!!
  5. Blenny close-up

    That is a great picture!
  6. Nano-Cake

    I'll take a corner piece if you please!
  7. Blenny

    Terrific picture!
  8. 70watt fishneedit

    Just hung my new 70watt 20,000k over the 20 gallon tank. I've always had power compacts over it in the past. Simon (at fishneedit) was very responsive and kept in touch...good guy to deal with. The color of the bulb is more white than blue...but I'm happy. Mary K.
  9. Is a skimmer recommended for a clam?

    I have always run a skimmer on all tanks for the past 17years... As you said, makes me feel safer. The clam in my 30 gallon is getting quite large...the clowns play in it all day long...definately makes me feel safer running a skimmer.
  10. Your opinion wanted

    +1 for 30...have one...love it.
  11. clowns

    Newest clowns in my 20 gallon. They sure are bright orange.
  12. black and white clown

    Yes the clown made its way out.
  13. black and white clown

    The clam could...if it wanted to...close in on the clown. They do filter and photosynthesize, I don't directly feed the clam but it is under a 150watt hqi, Pheonix 14,000k.
  14. black and white clown

    Approximately measured...mostly closed 7inches by 11inches. The clam appears to recognize the pair of clowns and allows them to swim all over it...and apparently inside of it.
  15. black and white clown

    Couldn't find my female black and white last night...finally did, she was inside the clam. First time in over two years that she has done that.