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  1. Would this LED be good enough for SPS corals such as montipora? This would be for a 4 gallon tank. Thanks in advance! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Finnex-60-LED-Aqua...#ht_1735wt_1141
  2. picked up mushroom corals today

    Congrats on your first coral! It's normal for mushrooms to shrivel up when acclimated and placed into a new tank. In regards to you getting duped, I can only shed some input on this if you verify whether these mushrooms were expanded/larger when you saw them at the LFS or were they the same size as shown in your photo. Also, how much did they charge you? From my experience, most LFS tend to charge $5-$10 per mushroom depending on the color and dullness/brightness. Good luck! PS - starfish are common hitchhikers
  3. 20 long stocking

    I agree with devilsadvocate. Grammas can be territorial and tend to pick on fish like clowns who swim around curiously if they haven't picked anything to host. If you realllly want a gramma, I would advise on getting one that is much smaller than your clownfish and putting it in your tank after the clowns have been in the tank first.
  4. Yay new Picotope! Suggestions Needed :)

    Welcome and enjoy this amazing hobby with caution! Please take anything your LFS tells you with a grain of salt. I've been in this hobby for 11 years and I remember my first marine tank that started off similar to yours. I had a 10 gallon tank with a tomato clown because I knew nothing about this hobby and trusted my LFS. They literally made it seem as if I could put 10 fish in my tank. I remember even having a Flame Angel in my 10 gallon Well.. what goes around comes around. That LFS went out of business and I've learned to appreciate this hobby much more from my mistakes, but I would hate to see new members mimic my actions. My best advice is to READ. Read the endless amount of articles throughout the web and posts on this website. As for the current status of your tank, remove the clown and let your tank cycle for at least 4 to 6 weeks with out adding any livestock. Some people have claimed they've had 1 or 3 week successful cycles. Regardless, you should give your tank some time to establish necessary bacteria and other needed forms of consistency. Good luck!
  5. I saw one of these fish at a LFS sitting in a pico and got curious. They seem pretty cool and the one I saw was like size of my thumb nail, but $100? I just set up a 4 gallon Finnex tonight and started thinking about live stock. I'm considering the Macneill, but a 4 gallon is most likely too small for a basslet. Anyone have experience with these fish? The little information I've found on them have said they should be kept in 30+ gallon tanks, but then again people were saying the same thing about clownfish 20 years ago. Any input on this fish would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I might have to relocate and I wanted to know how would I go about bringing my corals with me without any deaths. I would be driving from NYC to Florida and Google has estimated my drive as being 16 hours. My tank is 2 1/2 gallons and it only contains mushrooms, a torch coral, small sea fan frag and some zoanthids. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. photo69

    What type of lighting you got on there? I have no idea the lighting or flow needed for a scoly but always wanted one
  8. College students project... need help

    There's tons of DIY videos on youtube for Auto Top Off set ups. Good luck on you're project. Hope we can see some photos of the tank when everything is established! =D
  9. what got you into saltwater?

    When I was about 8 my father said he would get me a tank for goldfish. We walked into a LFS, saw their enormous reef tank, and were hooked ever since. Instead of getting goldfish, I ended up with a 10 gallon saltwater setup, live sand, live rock, and an awesome tomato clownfish. I thought I was the coolest kid in school come monday morning hahaha...
  10. Fastie's 2.5 Pico

    Before buying a coral, look up to see what type of flow, lighting, and food it needs. Not all tank set ups can offer the proper conditions for a coral to thrive. I have a 2.5 gallon pico and so far I've been sticking to mostly mushrooms/ricordea/green star polyps. There's plenty of pico tank examples on this site that contain LPS/SPS corals so I can't say it can't be done. For now, I'm just taking my time and introducing new corals little by little.
  11. Do I put chaeto in my filter during the cycling process or after the cycling is done? Right now I just have live rock ruble in the filter chamber but I wanted to put some chaeto and attach a small clamp light for it. This is for a 2.5 gallon by the way.
  12. I'm curious to know if anyone has had success owning a Distichopora in a nano/pico. If so, what type of care was needed to keep it healthy?
  13. Warhol1's 2.5 Gallon Pico

    I was thinking of going to my LFS once my tank is done cycling and offering to buy all the random single mushrooms that sit at the bottom of all the coral tanks. I guess they're shrooms that have fallen off of colonies or just ended up floating in the corners of the shipping boxes. What price would you all say is fare? $5 a shroom?
  14. Warhol1's 2.5 Gallon Pico

    Right now, I don't have any snails. I haven't added a clean up crew yet.