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  1. What type of lighting you got on there? I have no idea the lighting or flow needed for a scoly but always wanted one
  2. small snails. Most of them eat zoas and palys.
  3. Wow that is so damn clear. Nice shroom.
  4. I don't care if a person has a 1,000 gallon tank, a tang still will not be satisfied. No person can replicate the ocean, all we can do is give an attempte at doing so. A tank is simply a cage regardless of its size and although I enjoy reef keeping I still think what I do as a reefer is wrong. But... that is just the way of man.
  5. lol, fish races... "I got $20 on the tang with the ich!"
  6. Feeling the GSP up against the wall. GSP are like the smooth slick coral that has swagger.
  7. + Janet Napolitano looks like my English professor.
  8. America is screwed REGARDLESS of who's in office. I predict that America will fall and some country like China, Germany, or Russia will come and take over.
  9. need a really good clean up crew. lol
  10. Meet your worst nightmare. He will NEVER die... NEVER!
  11. Gorgeous. Wish I had the room for a tank like this.
  12. It looks like someone threw bleach on them.
  13. little clam.
  14. Living the life with no worries... lucky bastard.
  15. When shopping for corals you need to search and look out for EVERYTHING. Check every local fish stores inventory go home then compare prices and see which ones you liked best. I will give you an example about choosing wisely. One LFS was selling orange florida rics for $19.99 a frag (2 mouths) while another was selling the same exact thing for $49.99 and the two stores where no more than a 15-20 minutes drive apart.