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    Marines, Hockey, Rugby, My Gsxr1000, and reefing. Done all above :)
  1. Miller's 2.5 Bowfront

    thanks alot. Oh and btw the peppermint shrimp ate the big GA in front of my tank, so im all clear with those. So corals might be coming in soon
  2. Skyline Drive, VA

    nice, I have a gsxr 1000
  3. Shrimp Acclimation

    float/ add water or drip doesnt matter/ then net. Iv always done that with shrimp and never lost them. Worked fine.
  4. Miller's 2.5 Bowfront

    Ok well im sorry I just checked my thread out and seen some new post. I'll send some of the pics of the light today or tomorrow. But my tank cycled real quick it seemed like. I bought more live rock the next day after my first pics so here it is now with some CUC which consist of 5 hermit crabs and 2 Astraea snails: Yes I see the big GA I bought a peppermint shrimp and he took care of all of them but this one in the front of my tank. I might just end up joe juicin' him, my LFS is getting some now. Well hopefully I start getting some corals in a week or two just making sure my tank stays stable.
  5. 1 week old pico...(pics)

  6. WTF! I just got the ###### scared out of me

    lol thats great, oh yea and btw I might just keep it there for a while.
  7. Miller's 2.5 Bowfront

  8. PICO

  9. WTF! I just got the ###### scared out of me

    I would but I need to get some sleep. I have to pick some pulleys up at MEPS for their marine test tomarrow morning. But if i cant get it out by tonight by tweezers... tomarrow will be some smashing.
  10. WTF! I just got the ###### scared out of me

    lol thanks. It just freaked me out. Im thinking about taking the rock out and smashing it to see wtf is in there. I could just a new peice of LR. At the lfs its always nice like that so i wont have to worry about quality
  11. WTF! I just got the ###### scared out of me

    I know!! I didnt know what to do. I thought I was going to get electrocuted or something. It really did freak me out. Im dont know if I want to go after it again
  12. ok well there were some things in my tank that I though were syllid worms and only would come out in the dark. But then I started thinking it was a brittle star. BUT!!! I was just getting ready for bed right now and I went into my room and was going to get the worms or star out with tweezer and when I grabbed the thing with the tweezers it started to GLOW!#@%! I was like WTF!@!!@ I freaked out and keep trying to get it but the thing got a way. It was glowing a neon blue/green when i grabbed it with tweezers. then after that some pod came running out of the hole in the LR and i wasnt sure if the thing i was trying to catch freaked out and scared the pod. This tank is scaring me lol. you can see some pics in my pico thread but there kind of blurry.
  13. Nano Diary

    nice, I hav to get myself a cube
  14. PICO

    im thinking about the picotope. nice tank. I was going to start with that orig. but i decided to go with a mini bow 2.5 which I got for free in mint condition, but i ended up just using the tank. check it out if u want
  15. Any body have an extra $3500

    well I think im almost at max bioload now not sure what else I can stock. But im way to tired to add anything else. Maybe tomorrow lol