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  1. ADA Cube Garden Mixed Reef

    Wow looks nice.
  2. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    Amazing build. Can't wait to see it fully running. Congrats on Fatherhood.
  3. 5.5g Reef Islands

    Looks good.
  4. Emily's 27 Zoa Cube

    Very nice build out. Can't wait to see it filled.
  5. Hey Nate. Nice setup and welcome back to the hobby. Will be following your build.
  6. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Looking very nice.
  7. Kat's badass BC14, retired

    I like your ideas about elevated rock work and shelves. You have a great concept going there. Stacked rocks would help hide the rods without losing height on the elevated rocks but might take the spacious feel. Foam with sand around the rods would look nice but not sure if you wanted to do that. Good luck on the stacks people here are very helpful.
  8. My Solana 34 =]

    Very nice i will be tagging along. As i also have a Solana 34 gallon and would like to see what you come up with your setup.
  9. copapod increase

    Try to get Chaeto from multiple tank sources that have tanks that have been running for a long while. Also by adding some pellets for them to eat might trigger them to multiply. Water are your water parameters like.
  10. 65 gal Rimless Shallow 6 foot Build

    Really nice setup. I like the built in cabinet and can't wait to see your friends work with the Arduino LED controller.
  11. BOMBreef's LED Solana

    Wow very nice rock wall. I might have to do this with my Solana. Very clean and digging the rock work. Can't wait to see this flourishing with corals and fish.
  12. Blu's 30g Cube

    looks nice and clean. I am liking the rimless look.
  13. Very clean and nice looking. Very resourceful with the trashbin making it an all in one tank.
  14. squirrel's 40g CAD 2.0 - Stuff n Junk

    Very nice tank and very clean. I like it a lot. Robert is a cool guy. I used to be the help back in 2008.