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  1. I would go with the 150. Just due to the greater bulb choices you have.
  2. Where are you in SAC? I might be intrested,,,,, what is the LxWxH.... I am seting up a 16" cube.
  5. and what you did is funny WHY?
  6. I have done minor bends in acrylic under the broiler( on hte lowest rack over a form). Works ok but you have to be carful not to get it too hot or the sheet will start to go white and bubble.... PS send the wife/gf out for a few hours.... well you know.
  7. I would get this guy for a thermometer light timer goto a major home store should not be a prob finding one other things net 2-3 5 gal buckets( I like the ones with lids) Tubing ( for water changes) GFCI outlet (installed) if not one there now. thats all that comes to mind right off the bat GL
  8. I just got a 1000 amonth ago to power a diy project. its almost slient; however, the suction cups are not the best mounting method
  9. paying sales tax is my only prob with marine depot. that and the fact that UPS sucks.
  10. ehiem "hobby" pumps rock, but cost a arm and a leg. The new"compact" ehiems are ok but not great.
  11. Last time I did that I got the "treatment"(you know what I am saying) for about 2 weeks afterwards. Since then I always pay cash for every thing, so when I get something new "that came from a frag trade"....
  12. I just got the 14k hameltons I love the look of them with my VHO a little brighter then the raduims and not near as blue.
  13. For the same wattage and same type of bulb they are very close. ( ideal) The main diff between them ( besides SE DE and UV shield no UV sheild) is that DE have a more focusable light distrabution comebared to SE. basicly what it comes down too is: If you want a more foucsust light get a DE, if you want more scatter light go SE. ( thats really general and reflectors can change that)
  14. I think that you might be able to "keep" one but I am sure would not thrive.
  15. The nice thing about ele ballest is that they can run most(some casesall) bulb types( pluse start, probe start) most also have other things that are nice to have. I am not really sure if mag ballest shortin bulb life( some bulbs don't last very long on ele *cough* " raduims" *cough*), but they do use more energy, run hotter and are heavy. Thats not to say that I would not use a magnetic ballest ( I am right now on my holding system). Really it comes down to what you want to run/ howmuch cash you have/ what you like.