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  1. entire setup for sale

    setup sold. thx nano-mex! hope everything works out!
  2. entire setup for sale

    yea. well, i originally purchased the tank/sump/stand/light for $400. and after the additions....i wish i could get a lot more. and the way i see it, you're getting free livestock with the setup which is worth a lot, probably in its own. i feel it's at least worth $700-800, but am asking for $600 and really don't wanna go lower then that. so win that $600 and we have a deal...haha. socal - korea town 90019
  3. entire setup for sale

    that was my old 6gal nc. everything that was in that went in the 40. do miss having it every once-in-a-while.
  4. entire setup for sale

    hey dude, if you're wanting to buy, i'm sure we can work things out.... .
  5. entire setup for sale

    this is about 7-8 months old. i believe the tank's 24X24X16-maybe 18 (lxwxh). original pics after i got em.
  6. entire setup for sale

    well, if you figure something out, lmk. where in OC?
  7. entire setup for sale

    thx. it is under scnrs.com. i'll edit it for nr. you can still click the link under hardware at the top though, but maybe you need a subscription for scnrs. i'll figure something out. for now if you or anyone else is interested, pm me an email or something and i'll get you pics.
  8. entire setup for sale

    entire (i mean entire) setup for sale! HARDWARE: 40gal simi cube w/ homemade stand 8-10gal sump/fuge w/ return pump protein skimmer poly reactor mp10 vortech ACjr 250w MH pendant 2 Fans ATO LIVESTOCK: LR 60-80lbs LS CUC fish: pigmy angel yellow wrasse blue chromis coral: montipora (encrusting onto rock): sunset nugget lawmans blue polyp red cap reverse sunset superman/rainbow orange digitata zoas/polys: mary janes 15-25 polyps nuclear greens 20-30 polyps purple deaths 10-20 polyps goblin's fire 15-25 polyps pink elephants 10-15 polyps orange and blue 10-15 polyps green 10-20 polyps blowpops 10-15 polyps blue organisms 5-10 polyps pocillopora: pink pink lemonade LPS: red striped acan (10-20 heads) green & red favia (15-25 heads) acropora: red planet tri color green psammocora *note: just an aproximation on polyps/heads. haven't counted receantly. additives, media, food, everything, etc. * note: the tank had some glue spilled along the right side. too difficult to remove for me, but someone may be able to. some pics: $600, obo. pm if you would like to see more pics and if interested. you can look at the tank and some of the hardware by clicking above under "HARDWARE:". local pickup only, 90019. thx. -nick
  9. Rainbow monti, and Superman monti dying?

    i had similar problems when i was running my 6gal. now i'm running a 40gal and everything seems much happier now. you will have to dose daily with a 2part system (ca & alk) and mg every once once in a while, but be very careful not too apply too much. make sure to run some sort of carbon too (which you should be anyways). phosphates can be killers too. that's the tricky part of running sps in a smaller tank.
  10. some things fs

    zilla timers are still left.
  11. some things fs

  12. some things fs

    sorry i'm not very active on this. but if anyone's interested, pm me. it's easier that way. thx.
  13. some things fs

    getting rid of a something's that just sit around. maybe someone can put em to use. koralia 1 $10 SOLD blue moonlight (never used) $8 SOLD hydrometer $5 remora skimmer (chipped cup) $50 (shipping included) SOLD zilla timers $15 each (shipping included) local pickup is in 90019. pm is interested. thx.
  14. how do i get PVC adhesive of acrylic?

    sounds heavy. i knew asking this question, it wouldn't be an easy job. maybe i'll just suck it up and invest that money into something else. it's not all that big anyways. thx for the tips though.