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  1. Schools tough right now, real hard classes and i have finals in 2 weeks, which is way too soon. My reefs alright, the GSP's are really taking over tho, theyve been spreading out all over. I take it we're meeting around the 21st? That sounds good to me, should be done with my finals then.
  2. So when we all meeting again? Hey Stryfe, do you still got the lights? Damn schools been killing me, midterms, finals arggh! No time for fragging make me very crazy....
  3. I dont think lead would pose much of a threat in the alkaline waters of our reef tanks. In low pH tanks however, the lead would etch and dissolve away, causing trouble.
  4. It looks like some Rodachtis sp. mushrooms. They grow very big and nice.
  5. looking good abs. Btw, where did you get t-5 lighting?
  6. looking good SLO, you have an amazing diversity of corals.
  7. yellow zooanthids=yellow polyps???
  8. The one i have is a bit loud. So i use it to keep the salt water mixed. The sweeping sure gets the salt to dissolve well.
  9. Yep, mine has that whenever its shell is getting a bit old. Then it molts and is good as new.
  10. sounds like one of the threads we oughta download. Anyone got a link to the aforementioned thread? I cant find it
  11. My clownfish always has its head pointed towards the right. I never see the other side of its body. I guess thats the direction the current is coming from. How about your clownfish?
  12. Kewl cam, but the clownfish hasnt moved in hours!
  13. Thanks for all the replies everyone. The GSP's dont seem to be bothered. This week the clown is most definately hosting. More pics for all!
  14. I got me some new corals, heres a new pic from today:
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