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  1. El Fab's Pico Reef: 2007–2010

    Oh no - I loved your tank You have had the same problem as me - 3 years down the road, house move and everything dies I'm currently restocking - may have a change in the aquascape... It's harder to rescue than to start fresh
  2. That's it!! Thankyou :)
  3. We had a power cut for 4 days
  4. As in the title - I have a calciferous, plating, maroon macroalgae growing in my tank. It wants to take over but is really lightly attached so is easy to pull off. Anyone got any ideas what it is? It has quite large plates - 2-3 inches in diameter... No comments as to the green algae please - this is after a tank crash which left me heartbroken
  5. That's the one! Is he still going strong? lol
  6. A few years ago I bought a diddy magnetic algae scraper off someone on here who makes their own. I cannot for the life of me remember their user name (or the exact name of the manget thingie). Can anyone help? Ta if you can x

    There's always haters Looks good

    Please do :)

    Tagging along
  10. That's why I came back!! Some positivity Thanks :)
  11. Weetie's Aquatic Ramblings & Lounge

    OMG the squiddlies are so grown up now!! Adorable
  12. Weetie's Aquatic Ramblings & Lounge

    Omg! Long time since I've been on here and I've checked in on your thread. Last time you were on page 214 - now it's page 1677. How am I going to catch up on all that?????
  13. Thanks It has been a while... Just been really embarrassed at the state of my tank All getting back in kilter now so looking up
  14. No replies as I moved house Apologies - it's been way too long! An update now, just because we had a power cut for 4 days and my poor tank crashed. So I am now starting again It's been 4 months since the crash and things have stabilised enough to start with the corals again. It's heartbreaking We have gone from this To this I'm now in the far north of Scotland and no fish shops for 120 miles Restocking is going to prove difficult
  15. All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread

    Much better with photobucket