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  1. Thanks guys! Kraylen - thanks for stopping by
  2. This little piece of xenia spread like wildfire! Within 4 months I fragged 15 pieces off it which funded my change to LPS/SPS
  3. Bonsai - I'm in the UK. That's how we do it over here... Havoc - clowns won't bother sexies Get her some
  4. Original entry disappeared for some reason...
  5. I nearly put my sexy pic on like that but saw yours and changed mine Mine was egg carrying but yours is better presented!
  6. Gotbost: Emerald crabs eat algae (and I have plenty to keep him full) - maybe something else ate your sexies... Thanks for the nice comments guys - I love this pic!!
  7. Don't buy dead coral. We are trying not to destroy reefs Lots more live rock needed
  8. Lucky shot 13 - 12 had my flamin clowns in!!!!
  9. awsome
  10. Name that shape...