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  1. Display Cases for Picos?

    Yeah they do have some cool dimensions. I was wondering about the thickness as well Im sure they have some pretty nice ones in the "higher end" hobby stores.
  2. Display Cases for Picos?

    I came across these Display Cases online and was wondering if anyone has ever tried using a hobby display case for a pico? They are pretty cheap.
  3. Which pico should I get?

    You consider looking at nano-reefs own pico builder PICO AQUARIUMS
  4. 14 Gallon Long Rimless

    Nope thanks though.. I ended up getting new bits. I'm about to start moving stuff into this tank next week. Quick question someone gave me this maroon clown I've heard they can be pretty aggressive? I'd like to have Harlequins in the 14g would this maroon go after them you think or anything else for that matter..corals inverts etc..If hes gonna be a big PITA I'd rather get rid of him although so far hes very cool to watch pretty ballsy little guy comes right up to my hand and eats, he did this the 2nd day after I got him.
  5. Hypes Shallow ADA Lagoon

    The seahorse looks fantastic Hype!
  6. DHaut's Hoity Toity

    Looks fantastic!
  7. DHaut's Hoity Toity

    Just wondering was that LR from Sealife Inc.?
  8. another critique my sump thread

    That looks sweet man.
  9. 15 gal DIY AIO

    My first tank setup was similar to what ya got going there. My Rear chambers the same as well and it worked fine. Hope that helps and good luck.
  10. 20g of solid starfire sexiness

    any updates here kiddo?
  11. Amazing Frag Setup

    I came across this thread at reef central Its pretty amazing I’ve never seen a frag setup so sweet. ORIGINAL THREAD
  12. Looks like its getting there AM. Ill be in Plymouth in a couple weeks Ill drill your tank for free for ya if youd like. I know you said you were worried about it but I dont think it would be an issue at all. I have bits. Anyways just thought Id offer.
  13. Spleen's 15 gallon nano

    Hows the tank comming along? It looks great from what I can see, I like the scaping. This is a great pic..also just wondering do the gobies fight at all?
  14. Any marine biologists around here?

    Ive got a buddy up ther that grows the kind if that helps ya out:P
  15. Is 1 par38 bulb enough for a 12gal?

    Id like to know this as well.