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  1. Brand new. $170. I work in Downey and live in Anaheim, CA John
  2. new mini skimmer

    Brand new aquatic life 115 mini skimmer. Pickup around garden grove or Downey, ca. Can ship at buyers expense. $45
  3. 45g long glass. GG, CA

    Used, clean 43~45g glass tank. $50 48x13x16 with painted blue back as you can see. Paint can come off with a razor if you want to remove it. Located off Magnolia/Katella in Garden Grove, CA.
  4. As title states. Info: http://www.airwaterice.com/product/1MMDI/M...h_DI_Added.html Garden Grove, CA pickup or ship at buyer's expense. $80
  5. The Two Dollar Heatsink

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  6. My DIY 40 Breeder Stand

    I would add legs to support your sump shelf... Looks good though
  7. DIY: Steve's LED's a cheap alternative to CREE's

    Got a link to where you got those LEDs?
  8. Anybody need custom acrylic

    Does that mean you're taking orders?
  9. Neanderthalman's Automatic Water Changer

    Then invest in a reading comprehension class
  10. LED Retro with temperature fan control

    Well done! If you were local, I would pay you to make me one! lol
  11. Omgz, DIY tank stand for 30 bucks?!

    looks very nice. good job