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  1. I am sure some anemome has eaten a fish or two, but the likely cause was a sick, dying, or dead fish that the anemome took care of rather than a healthy fish that was targeted for dinner.
  2. I've had rock flowers and maxi-minis and never had any issues with healthy fish getting eaten.
  3. The latest issue has been a slowdown in growth, and new corals struggle. Salinity and temperature are kept fairly constant with the help of the Apex controlling the ATO and heater. After two rounds of testing, where alkalinity and calcium are in line, the likely issue is the zero nitrate reading. To attempt to address this, I will start target feeding more coral by broadcasting aminos and ReefRoids, and have a bottle of Brightwell's NeoNitro on the way. The NeoNitro will be used in extreme moderation to avoid overshooting the mark.
  4. Looking good! Well done handling the unexpected arrivals, you did better than most would have done.
  5. I spent a number of years in the legal end of mental health, and the good news is that the mental health profession has significantly improved and can help so many more people. I am glad to hear she is getting help and hope that things quickly move for the better.
  6. Reefing, the addiction with no known cure!
  7. I like Seachem Matrix carbon as well as Brightwell Aquatics carbon.
  8. Sounds good! This hobby is always full of experiments, which is half the fun! The other half, of course, is drooling over what is in our boxes of water. 😉
  9. The newest additions from this week's LA order: ORA Marshall Island zoa (with Chalk Bass photobomber) Dragon Goby
  10. I typically do liveaquaria for fish and https://vividaquariums.com for coral. Vivid has fish as well, but liveaquaria usually has the better fish selection.
  11. This is the upgrade of the prior 29g acrylic. The tank was upgraded in May 2018 after a move. Unfortunately, there were some losses in the move and again when the house's AC was offline for a week due to renovation. However, the tank has made a solid comeback. Current FTS: Controlled by Neptune Apex Lighting: 4x54 T5HO Return: Reef Octopus Varios-2 Skimmer: Reef Octopus 110-SSS Filtration: BRS Dual Reactor Dosing: Apex DOS with DDR Fish Ocellaris Clownfish Blacker Ice Clownfish Yellow Tang Chalk Bass (2x) Dragon Goby Coral ORA Grube's Gorgonia Purple Gorgonia Zoanthids Green star polyp Orange Florida Ricordia Favia Green Montipora Cap. Montipora Spongodes Montipora Digitata Mycedium Duncan Frogspawn Hammer Blue Ridge Donut Borneman anemones
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