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  1. Cross breed?

    only captive bred tangs just came in from china... blue tangs... it doesnt happen in captivity.
  2. Thick Stag Type SPS - ID Needed!

    you id it it yet? its a damn sexy coral
  3. messing around with photography again... NO PHOTO MANIPULATION EXCEPT RESIZING. all the shots were at f/22 except the clownfish shot was at f/2.8... its hard to take fish with longer shutter, but i will keep trying. basically... i was testing what i could do with my dad's EOS 1D on manual mode (ive never played around with manual before) they turned out ok to me.

    WOW 3 YEARS??? thats a successful goni keeper... ummm but why are the tentacles so short? (the ones surrounding the oral disc)
  5. August 2008 - Bluebastion

  6. Pic of newest addition

    he's been in nano-reef almost as long as you have... just doesnt post much. thats cool though
  7. Fragglereef mini "mini" carpet anemones have great color! darth maul finally a semi-decent shot of my blastos echinos kedd's redds green grandis update... look at how many polyps there are now i bring piece of this to meet on sunday anyone wanna call dibs? also... i am keeping my dendros away from everything for now... my purple tang is stealing food from it so aggressively one of the polyps is going downhill. gotta catch the purple tang... i am going to an lfs today and will hopefully get some schooling fish. will be a cool additition to the tank.
  8. i think i'd say no to sexies breeding. i had that last night as well. they are copepods. mine have a major bloom in population once a month. perhaps same with yours? could be sexies, just saying copepods because it happens to me often and looks the same as your picture.
  9. A Guide To Corals

    ??? not so far as yet... i didnt exactly put up sps yet...
  10. What's your favorite coral?

    grandis echinos acans and favias and the coveted DM palys
  11. abe's picture thread

    lol i have a few more of those i will be posting. landscape ones from the park
  12. Night shots attempt

    not bad... actually really good just remember to turn off your pumps for all tank photography
  13. i wouldnt never pay 3k for lighting. i got a much better deal