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  1. WOW 3 YEARS??? thats a successful goni keeper... ummm but why are the tentacles so short? (the ones surrounding the oral disc)
  2. lol thanks.
  3. wow, someone took my criticism? lol ummm overexposed meaning either your f. stop was too low and allowed too much light on your sensor or your shutter speed was too slow, allowing too much light in your sensor. with f at around 8-13, it would look much better. i will mess around with your photo on a free editor and send you a copy of how i think it would look better. i'll do it via pm EDIT: see how the top of your picture is white instead of pink or red? that's what i mean in lamen terms thanks for taking the criticism and happy reefing! i sent the pm already.
  4. alittle out of focus and blurry, but nice picture
  5. out of focus... ?
  6. Good choice on a tank too!
  7. sveet. you has a nice tank. now add some lps to complete it.
  8. lol
  9. as of right now... your picture is the best in the contest. perfect exposure with the focus of the picture in the right spot. would have been better with more colors that blue and orange though
  10. its a little bit overexposed... just a pointer to help. other than that its great.
  11. its so tiny (the anemone)
  12. i like it
  13. nope, just means you're made out of wood.
  14. lol.