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  1. I lost a bunch of stuff over the summer due to a busy work schedule, and poor maintenance. My alk reach 14 dkh at one point!!!!! I was able to frag and save a bunch of pieces. The tank looks different now, but still growing and doing very well again. I also changed lighting to a 10 bulb powermodule for better coverage than the single halide. Here is the tank today. DSC_0014 by rich colombo, on Flickr DSC_0060 by rich colombo, on Flickr
  2. I'm in the most crowded shithole of them all ....... New York
  3. Stylo?
  4. Nice job. This looks awesome!
  5. That autopilot does require some work though Thanks Knives. This is a 115g cube 32x32x26. The green stuff is algae growing. The green encrusting coral is some type of monti. Very colorful. Looks sick under blue LED. All info for my system can be found here http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/337716-podpimps-115-gallon-custom-cube-32x32x26/
  6. Tank is on autopilot at the moment
  7. A coral that I've had for several months and developed beautiful coloration. 1 of a kind in the hobby.
  8. Super well deserved. The extra feeding did the trick….. colors are correct! Congrats!
  9. Awesome color!
  10. Insane!!!!
  11. Congrats! This is a very beautiful and unique reef.
  12. This is looking good!!!!!
  13. Congrats Chad. I always liked this tank
  14. Congrats Dude!
  15. Hi Phil