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  1. My 17g Reef

    Sorry to hear that you had to sell you large tank! Hamlet is so cool. Hopefully he will behave from now on but at least he can't hurt anything in his new home.
  2. Help Me Find A LFS In Austin :)

    That is true with Aquatek. Sometimes they do have cool SW stuff but it's hit or miss. My favorite place for corals is Aqua Dome. My husband and I drive 30 minutes to go there. River City and Horizon has cool stuff as well and the are probably the closest to your area.
  3. Help Me Find A LFS In Austin :)

    There are a bunch of LFS here in Austin. Try: River City Aquatics, Horizon, Gallery of Pets (not that big on the SW stuff but they do have some cool things), Aquatek, and down south but very much worth the trip the Aqua Dome. There is also the Austin Reef Club with some very cool people. HTH and welcome to Austin!
  4. you know you a REEFER!

    When you spend your entire weekend going to every LFS in your area and enjoy every minute of it. Or, your starving and still debating food or that sweet coral.
  5. fish stuck in back chamber

    My serpent starfish did the same thing in my nano. He was a little easier to get out after taking the top off. Maybe let the little guy get hungry and try with the shrimp in the net again. That's about all the advice I can give you. Best of luck!
  6. My corals aren't bothered by my sexies at all, even my cucumber tolerates them. What corals are bothered?
  7. Fantastic photos as always!
  8. Seriously sweet looking tank! Just WOW!
  9. The Unofficial Sexy Shrimp Thread

    My male is missing! When I put all three in the tank I noticed that the females hung out together and the male did his own thing. Now I can't find him. I have a lot of places in the tank where he could hide. At this point I'm not holding my breath. Will the two females do OK by themselves? They seem fine so far.
  10. Fan Worm dropping crown

    If it does drop its' crown don't automatically assume its' dead. Some will re-grow their crowns and that takes a while.
  11. The Unofficial Sexy Shrimp Thread

    Here is one of my sexy shrimp. The other 2 were playing under the mushrooms and I couldn't get a shot of them.
  12. The Unofficial Sexy Shrimp Thread

    Can I join, now that I have 3 sexies in my 7 gallon bow front? I got them 3 days ago and they are doing great. They are deciding their favorite spots. I think my husband is worried about our zoa.s. I think I've got two females and one male. After I clean the glass and charge up the batteries I'll post some pic.s.
  13. Switching over to a 20 long this summer

    I have a 20 long as a prop tank and a 12 gallon nano that I'm going to switch to a 15 long. I like them because you get more real estate length wise and IMO that give you more options on how you want to set up your tank. When you switch if you use the water and sand from your old tank you might experience a slight spike . This would be due to disturbing your sand bed. But I moved my 5.5 gallon to a 7 gallon with no problem. I would just be careful if you have anything that is very sensitive to spikes. Just do some water changes after the move and watch out for any spikes.
  14. How much has your electric bill gone up?

    Ok. So, I'm thinking, at this point anyway, of getting a 24" 150W HQI by Sunpod. My Electric company charges the following: 500 @ .0355 there after @ .0602. Will this be enough light for some SPS and LPS?