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  1. Incredible, clams
  2. Did it not eat the live brine shrimp?
  3. The picture is fairly washed out, assuming it's phone pic. A side shot would help. But based surely on the pic it looks like a long tentacle anemone.
  4. Wait, you back? ?
  5. Gorgeous
  6. Guess not. ME is mechanical engineering. I was guessing you might be one since you posted a pic of your overflow drawn on the program Solidworks. It's a common program mechanical engineering students use. Had to ask.
  7. Congrats my friend. Great job.
  8. Looks great with the mangroves all wired up and taking shape. Any new plans for the reef part of the scape?
  9. If you want to know more Thomas vision reef posted a YouTube video about cornbred.
  10. You tank is coming along nicely Kat but, Jedimasterben is right. I've seen that Facebook post on micro bubbling. He's made a bunch of assumptions based on a single study done in Japan. I'm happy he tried to use a biologist study to help his tank but he did not interpret the results and experiment correctly. The study was based in a harbor with near stagnant water. Runoff of excess nutrients from the marina increased nutrients resulting in sludge, algae and cyno. Our tanks are no were near the stagnant waters from that study. As discussed with Randy Holmes, your water is not like a parking lot were it only has so many spaces where oxygen and carbon dioxide can be placed. One doesn't push the other out. An aquarium will not be able to expel more CO2 than the houses' CO2 concentration. Even with a million micro bubbles. A skimmer is an excellent way of gas exchange in a reef aquarium. Adding more agitation, aerators, surface movement and etc are helpful as well but the addition of a million micro bubbles in the water is not a cure all for ph or O2 addition/de-gassing. If you noticed Elegant Corals hasn't even measured the CO2 concentrations in his tank water and in the air while practicing his "micro bubble" technique. He has zero posts on his oxygen levels before and after his micro bubbling. So there is nothing to base his assumptions on. Hope this helps.
  11. Nice plumbing. You'll enjoy the quality of those ball valves. Definitely worth it.
  12. That dwarf lion with that much yellow is a rare find. Looks gorgeous and keep the pics coming. Are you going to add anther for company?