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  1. neuwave

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    Sorry to see the destruction after the crash. I know the feeling when a colony that’s youve raised for years becomes an algae rack. Luckily I had given a friend a large frag and after my mishap, I was able to get it back. Atleast you gave enough frags to other people and will always be able able to get it back. Good luck with the restoration.
  2. That’s some nice growth. Any chance to see a full mangrove shot?
  3. Now this is going to be even better than your Iwagumi 1.0. This is the type of reefing I've been waiting to see. Awesome
  4. neuwave

    schgr.cube's IM Fusion 10 gallon (upgrading!)

    Awesome that you're upgrading. My biggest question is what kind of scape your gonna do for the new tank. ?
  5. neuwave

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    I'm still here. ? Always taking a quick peak in to see what's new. I'm still reefing, have my 60g Solana up and running. Along with my 7 year old Clownfish. Otherwise this is my last year in college so it's kept me exhausted and not much time for anything else.
  6. neuwave

    Yoshii's 5.5g Macro Reef

    Graduation, Congrats Yoshi. I'm jealous.
  7. neuwave

    Disaster's 80gal + 15gal SPS Reef Tank

    I took my water change down by half and skipped one and it did stop any and all rtn on two mariculutured colonies I have. Now they have color and encrusting. But from looking at the new pics, you seem to have a good handle on those corals. ?
  8. neuwave

    Disaster's 80gal + 15gal SPS Reef Tank

    That could be it, if your PO4 and nitrate become too low, I've seen new colonies rtn. They may need the extra nutrients to rebuild lost Zooxanthellae.
  9. neuwave

    coral baby or huge tunicate?

  10. neuwave

    Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    Looks very promising. Are you planning to add macro algaes to the scape or keep it sand and mangroves or try you hand at intergrating corals into the scape?
  11. neuwave

    How You Gonna Keep 'Em....

    Incredible, clams
  12. Did it not eat the live brine shrimp?
  13. The picture is fairly washed out, assuming it's phone pic. A side shot would help. But based surely on the pic it looks like a long tentacle anemone.
  14. neuwave

    Mr. Microscope

    Congrats my friend. Great job.