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    Thanks. I'll share the dims and give a peak at some of the gear chosen in the next few days. Lol if only I didn't have the world's sh1ttiest British accent. I'm not 1000% on livestock plans yet, but I always envisioned this as 95-100% SPS (mostly crazier colorations). I'll probably do something like 10 or fewer pieces that I would grow into larger colonies rather than 20 or 30 mini colonies. Possibly a clam, and I've been mulling over the idea of a rare bubble tip to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. I've got an 8ish year old pair of B&W clowns my niece has been watching over that I'm going to introduce, and replace hers with something more colorful. I'm also thinking of: -Lotilia graciliosa w/ Alpheus sp. (Whitecap Goby) -Ecsenius bimaculatus (2 Spot bimaculatus Blenny) -Gobiosoma macrodon (ORA Tiger Goby) I still haven't decided if I'll have any colored fish, but I've always enjoyed Serranocirrhitus latus (Sunburst Anthias). I'd also LOVE to have a young pair of Hawaiian Harlequin Shrimp, but that doesn't seem like a possibility with the Hawaiian restrictions.
  2. fissues


    1/2" Baltic Birch on the bottom and sides. 3/4" on top. So many people underestimate the strength of a simple plywood box made with quality lumber and some strong wood glue.
  3. fissues


    I haven't had a tank in about 6 or 7 years. The last one was a low budget 75 that I tore down while I did a stint as a photographer for a high end reef shop in the midwest. I only ever had the desire to do 1 more tank, and it's this one. It's been in the plans the whole time evolving with the knowledge I've gained from consulting on hundreds of builds, caring for some of the rarest fish to be imported, and farming crazy amounts of coral. I've just been waiting for the right combination of money, gear, technology, and life balance to make it work with my highly eratic lifestyle. I'll try not to screw it up 😉 Current stage:
  4. Excellent. This should be an awesome little setup. Is there any particular reason you're planning on a traditional overflow box as opposed to something more space friendly like an xaqua or an oceanlife?
  5. Congratulations! I've been watching this tank for quite a while and I think it turned out beautifully. Keep it up!
  6. Congratulations! I've been watching this tank for quite a while and I think it turned out beautifully. Keep it up!
  7. Anybody have any other driver recommendations for these scenarios? 1.) 72 XT-E leds @ approximately 700mA off a single driver w/dimming 2.) 36 exotic leds (12 OCW) @4-500mA off a single driver w/dimming My original idea was to use the meanwell HLG-185-42B and run 6 parallel strings of 12 leds. I know there are drawbacks to running LEDs in series, but it would be great to have 72 on a single string @ 700mA to cut back on driver costs. I'm unsure how the math works when wiring in parallel compared to wiring in series, which is preventing me from knowing exactly which drivers I can consider. Does anyone have any links or other resources for learning about some of this technical stuff?
  8. Thanks for the input, uglybuckling. I think I'm gong to make several different quotes and list out the pros and coons of each one. I've done a couple full spectrum setups for friends so I realize how beneficial OCW are for color representation. My ideal setup would include 24 XT-E 3UP stars for each tank and 12 OCW on a separate driver with dimmers for fine tuning. I would like to be able to run each string of XT-Es off a single driver, if possible(as long as I hit 14-20000k I don't need separate dining for these). I was originally looking at the meanwell hlg-185-42b. Any thoughts or alternatives?
  9. Haha thanks for the advice. I figured they had to look awful. I assume the bridgelux are a similiar color profile than Cree (which is what I've worked with most). Is 2:1 still my best bet for a base color to get in the 14-20000K range? If I run everything at 400-500mA, how many of these can I squeeze onto a single 120W inventronics driver? Would it look terrible to have two sets of RB/NW to every one OCW all running at the same current?
  10. I've build more than a few small-medium sized LED arrays in the past with success, but this is uncharted territory for me. I usually find most of my answers through the search engine, but I figured that I'd ask you guys for any extra ideas. An LFS owner in the area started asking me tons of LED questions and eventually asked if I could help him put together something to cover his fish only systems. It's a tricky setup because the LEDs have to stay within about 4 inches of the water surface, so the fewer colors the better to cut down on disco and wider clusters (so I can have a thinner heatsink). I can figure out what I need for coverage, but what I'm more interested in are color and driver suggestions. Criteria: -Cheap -Good color (14-20000K range) -As many LEDs per driver as possible I was thinking of using Bridgelux 3W LEDs to keep costs down, and I can run them a bit cooler (around 400mA) to avoid any issues from overheating. I know they have a 12000-15000K cool white, but does it look any good as a standalone color? What color would a 1:1 (NW:RB) ratio give me? 2:1? Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.
  11. I feel like if your tank were an athlete, its picture would be on a Wheaties box. Edit: Horrifying f***ing spelling.
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