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  1. Where To Buy Quality LR Online?

    This LFS is local to me but they are considered the best in the area. Have lots of hard to find corals but also great prices on live rock. $4.50 per lb and it includes free shipping Www.yourreef.com
  2. 90g wave front breakdown sale

    Tank and stand are now sold. Please close
  3. 90g wave front breakdown sale

    Its too bad you are not closer, however tank and stand are awaiting payment.
  4. Cota's 90g Wave Front

    Added some new corals and fish this weekend, here is a new pic http://s72.photobucket.com/user/cota472/media/022dd1eb-e705-4c21-9802-48e3873d3fe9_zpsab357576.jpg.html'>
  5. Jebao WP-25

    I have 2 WP25s in my 80g and don't notice the noise. My overflow is probably louder.
  6. 90g wave front breakdown sale

    Skimmer is SOLD
  7. 90g wave front breakdown sale

    Chiller is sold, other prices lowered
  8. I used to have one on my solana, the hanging arm is attached.
  9. 90g wave front breakdown sale

    Wave master is sold
  10. Rapid LED kit for 29G standard

    I have two Typhon controllers, one on each of my tanks. One I got from Steve's LEDs and the other from BoostLED. They vary just a little on the programming, but I like that I can set it to start lighting the tank at say 8AM and over the next hour bring it to my maximum of 40% brightness, same thing for dimming. It really wasn't that much more for that option, from Steve's LEDs it runs $48 and from BoostLED it was $55 but I got a bit of a bundle deal on my drivers because I needed 5 of the 48Ps. The Typhon does not come in a box, I ordered one from a member on NR, great quality box for $20 or Steve's sells theirs for $30
  11. Rapid LED kit for 29G standard

    Pick how you are going to control the dimming and that will decide which you need. I went with the Typhon controller, It works very well for me and can control up to 4 channels. With the Typhon you have to use the ELN-60-48P since it is an Arduino run controller. From their description on the ELN-60-48D "Fully programmable with 0-10V controllers (Reef Keeper w/ ALC, Neptune Apex,etc) or a potentiometer + 10V AC adapter (If you have two or more drivers you can use our DIY 2 color dimming kit)" ELN-60-48P "Fully programmable with PWM controllers (Arduino software, Reef Angel,etc)"
  12. Cota's 90g Wave Front

    I spent a good amount of time moving things around last night, I found the wife's missing yuma. I hooked up the ATO and now need to figure out connecting my UV and carbon reactor. Here is an updated pic Also I am wondering if my clowns may have spawned, I didn't see anything, but they were very docile until I got to one rock in particular I wanted to move. Then they both went crazy attacking my hand and going under the rock as if to check on something.
  13. 90g wave front breakdown sale

    Tank is cleaned and ready to move http://s72.photobucket.com/user/cota472/media/IMG_2348_zpsef02fb3d.jpg.html'> http://s72.photobucket.com/user/cota472/media/IMG_2345_zps90ef1c2a.jpg.html'> Chiller http://s72.photobucket.com/user/cota472/media/IMG_2350_zps11c64ba3.jpg.html'>
  14. Cute majano

    They are an anemone and will move, mine have but not much. I really dont mind them in the biocube, it needs color, but I dont want them in my 80g with my other corals.
  15. Cute majano

    I have a mojano wand to take care of mine. A reefer friend said I should leave them in my biocube since they are so bright