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  1. They work well if you don't mind the monthly maintenance to "unstick" Them.
  2. If you can keep the room temp at 75 or less you should have not problem keeping the temp less than 82. The pendant will not heat the water that much so long as you have a small desk fan blowing at the tank. I would say that anywhere from 4-12 inches from your tank is fine. Most Acros, ACCLIMATED PROPERLY, will not have any problem being a few inches from the bulb. If you have softies just throw them on the sand or on at least slightly shaded by a portion of the rock. Also with that light you can have acros on the sandbed in the areas where they are not shaded.
  3. What's the K on the bulb?
  4. Electricity should be a non issue with a difference of 80 watts. and NO 150 is not overkill for that size. It is perfect. If you are wooried about frying things go 20k
  5. UGF? Don't use one. Go here and retro your hood for Cheap. get a 20k bulb and don't woory about actinics. If you don't have a hood, I suggest building one with fans. It will look funky hung pendant style. If you add fans in your canopy and leave the back open you should have no heat issues an no need for a Sump. http://diyreef.com/shop/product_info.php?c...products_id=100 NEED a skimmer? no. Recommend, very much so. Go with a remora hang on and you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind you need flow and good water quality to keep "everything". I would recommend a good two part additive for CA/ALK levels.
  6. If you build your rockwork correctly all will be fine. be sure to have a fan for heat issues. you may even want to hang the pendant a bit hight if you are really worried. Also if you are into clams and SPS I'd invest in some B-Ionic. Now do you have good flow and a good skimmer to go along with your lights?
  7. Lampdr: May I suggest a reflector in your kit? A good reflector would make all the difference. I would buy it if it was not for the facre that I would have to spend 100 bucks on a pendant with glass and reflector. Without an effecient reflector all is lost.
  8. Kool-Cat, Just so you know, no one will send coral without cash first. your best bet is to buy from a reputable online site.
  9. Aromat are E ballasts and therefore "should" fire every bulb, just not necessarily to it's fullest capacity.
  10. Dave: What ballast is the 250 on, CSL? If it is a CSL it may be a problem that it is a PRobe start instead of a pulse, or vice versa. I know that the Ushios do better on a Pulse, and the probe start may be making them crap out. The XM 20k are supposed to run on any ballast. Once you figure out what type of ballast the MH is on (probe, pulse, elec) I would recommend the 14k hamiltons with the 2x32 PC for a wonderful color. I believe that the hamiltons should also run on any ballast. Being the CSL is American made my guess is it is a Probestart, therefore xm 20 will work for sure!
  11. I agree that the 250 20k will be much better than the 260 of PC. I would go with the 250 20k and 1 55 PC actinic. Dawn/Dusk is always nice.
  12. Why is it a waste? one always upgrades. I don't care how small your tank is 150 watts is still only 150 watts. Soem corals may never saturate and gorw 100% under 150 watts even in a 4 gallon. I think it's a good investment so if you ever want to upgrade to a bigger tank you will already have the the light. I would recommend the 20k's for such a small tank and be very dilligent on Topoff.
  13. don't be afraid. Once your tank is six months old or so and you have confidence you'll want the SPS and Clams. It is best to spend 200 dollars on a halide than 125 on Pc's and upgrade when you figure you can't keep the animals you want. besides all your sofites will do better under the haldie as well.
  14. your GSP will grow under 5000k, but so will your hair algae. What other animals do you plan on keeping? Why not just get a nice PC hood.
  15. Bird is good, but here is your To get list: 2x250 DE in ROIII pendants on an HQI bluewave ballast 14k bulb (depedning on your color tastes). Pendants are best for heat issues, but with a 4"fan in and a 4" out you should be fine. G-3 ASM Skimmer Just like Euro Reef, only cheaper acrylic, but much, much less expensive 20 gallon sump and the biggest fuge you can fit Forget the closed loop and just do the streams. If you have the money for the Multi controller get two streams and go for it, otherwise 2 6060's should work fine. they should not get in the way of the hood. Mag 12 return pump with SCWD return or if you have the cash a 1" Sea swirl Calcium reactor from myreefcreations Topoff is helpful, but not a must. and finally one of the most helpful Items: An RO or Koldsteril unit. Koldsteril is nice because there is no waste water.