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  1. Cheap MH Alert!!!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW 30 dollar ballasts all day long!!!! some times cheaper. Why waste your time running to home depot? Keep in mind it may not run some Euro bulbs and that you still need to add: 40-80 dollars for the bulb of your choice 25-40 dollars for Mogul mount and reflector Oh and one may run your DE 150's? Gotta love F-can's. Did I mention that october 2003 was tardo month?
  2. Lighting for 5 gallon

    I would definitely add 2x13 PC's or don't expect things to actually Grow!
  3. 175 Watt MH... "arrangment"?

    G's Up Ho's down while you....... Oh, I am Sorry you had a question about your reflector. I must of had too much endo, yo. Um, what Type of reflector do you plan to use. Spider's with be just a hair too long, but they are rather good and relativley cheap. What ever reflector you have you should be able to cut if it is too big. I would recommend a 12" High canopy for any MH. You also need to cut holes in either end of the canopy and install at least some 3" fans, usually one blowing in and one out. otherwise expect heat issues I would really be concerned with accessablility. Ideally you would lie to have a hinged front to get in for easy feeding and yet another hing that allows you to go in and manipulate rock work and pick up fallen coral. Or you could just hang a pendant
  4. 1 gallon (.33 gal fuge, .66 gal tank) update!

    The Pocilloporas are pretty common and are easy to grow provided you have decent lighting (or keep it 4 inches from 2x13 PC's)
  5. 1 gallon (.33 gal fuge, .66 gal tank) update!

    blue tipped acro is most likely a tenuis.
  6. what happened to TOTM?

    I stand corrected. oops!
  7. what happened to TOTM?

    What ever happened to this? And when it was up and running it seemed that there would only be one tank per every few months.
  8. You Are All Using TOO Much Light!

    you let me know how well you can keep a table acro under that 1x28w. too much? Compared to what? compared to the Sun at full noon over the equator in 2 meters of water? Kinda disagree with you there. I highly doubt you would have success keeping a 4-5 inch crocea under that 1x28, unless you feed it DT's(phytoplankton)every day
  9. Happy 3rd Anniversary, Nano-Reef.com!

    and hopefully 30 years more
  10. Help Lighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would go with a 250 mogul 20k Retro and be doen with it.
  11. Stupid Bristleworm

    some animals are smarter than others....just don't touch it.
  12. tang in a nano

    what larger tank do you plan on transfering it to?
  13. Macro HQI Pendant Fixture

    These work well, but the reflector may not be the most effecient. Might I recommend a ROIII pendent?
  14. 20-gallon setup design, with diagrams!

    Why do I want to say "more flow"? Otherwise Awsome plans!!!
  15. Problem keeping KH/Alk over 8

    8 DHK is fine, but I recommend BIonic as a supplement.