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  1. help, my leds just went out

    Are you running a double, or triple driver? The symptom of a burt driver for me was that one or more of the channels would go dim and/or the pot would cease to function. There is a driver that I am running right now (a triple) that has 1 burt channel, but the others continue to work ok, and the pot is ok. I had the same inital symptom when I had a short.. turn it on... stay on for a few seconds/minute or 2. While it was on it would seems to flicker a little, then instantly one or more channels would go dim.. BOOM burnt driver. I am far from an expert on this, but having just gone through it, and with the suggestions of others i wouldn't turn anything on until you do what farkwar suggested. It *might* save you from burning up a driver.
  2. help, my leds just went out

    Check for shorts between the LED solder pads and the heatsink. I burt up 3 of Steve's drivers because of a short on mine. I'm still getting the kinks worked out of it, but I really like the color. Good luck! Brian
  3. My 29 biocube

    Please don't do this. I recently bought a used RODI unit... supposedly had "new filters" in it and it reads about 15 TDS. The light setup is worth much more than that... a great refurb RODI unit can be had for around 140 bucks. Much less than the LED's you are trading in on it. Just me 2 cents.
  4. Please help with driver issue on LED setup

    AHhhhhhhhh THIS! Think I have it figured out. One of the 3 up stars. One of it's contacts was shorted to the heatsink. Multimeter to the rescue! Took that off and between all of the extra drivers I have now, I found one with 2 channels that work properly. Attached that and it seems to work now. Thank you! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the details that I forget the basics....
  5. Please help with driver issue on LED setup

    I give up.... I received 3 new drivers from Steve's today. 1 single 700ma, 1 double (whites) , 1 triple (blue) triple hooked up to blues works fine. Pot works, no issues, is wired into old switch on BC lid for on/off. double.. hooked up, ran a couple minutes.. slightly flickering. Now it will not dim, and only 1 channel of it will run at full power, other side is dimmed, almost out. I give up. I have checked all of my solder connections on the white stars. Redid a couple that looked remotely questionable, tested some with 2 AA batteries. All seem to work fine until I hook them to the driver. I have 8 whites total, so they are spit 4 and 4 on the two channels of the double driver. Strange thing also is that before I had to have a pot connected for the driver to work. Now, pot is disconnected and (the white channel that works) is running full blast. Not sure what to do from here, but I am tired of burning up drivers. Just cost me 70 bucks to purchase new ones.. But I have to get this working
  6. Please help with driver issue on LED setup

    Well, according to Jeff at Stevens it sounds like I burnt up all three drivers. New ones are on the way and should be here by Friday.
  7. My 29 biocube

    I have a BC29 as well.. Please don't use tap water. You will be happier in the end to do things the "right way". . Tap water is disgusting in terms of cleanliness. If you have ever looked inside of old galvanized pipes you would probably never drink water out of the faucet again.. Much less put corals in it. I have been doing the trips to the water machine at the grocery store for a while now. Not the best, but much better than tap. At least do that and mix your own or do the mix from the LFS as other suggested. Putting tap water in a reef tank is like putting diesel in Ferrari and the complaining that it won't start... Best of luck.. and take it slow.
  8. Please help with driver issue on LED setup

    10-4. I was going to go that route, and then I chose Steve's just for simplicity sake of having everything in the hood, as built by them. I do like the LDD stuff though and on my *next build*.. that will probably be the route I take. Thanks again for the help Brian
  9. Please help with driver issue on LED setup

    They all light up in some form or another now if I hook them up to a working driver. It is just on the blown parts of the driver, that they are dimmed permanently to about 1/3 brightness, and the POT doesn't affect them. Are we saying then that if they illuminate, that they aren't shorted on themselves? Thanks for the help Brian
  10. Just setup my BC29 from Steve's this weeked with 3 of his drivers 1 - single to run 2 3up stars 1 - double to run whites (8 luxeon) 1 - trip to run all the royal blue (luxeon) Long story short, I think I over adjusted the power supply.. .I checked and it was 27.4V with a load on it. So, turned it down and the single driver has lost ability to use the pot The double is dimmed, and will not adjust as well. The triple seemed to make it ok. So, I moved some of the white to the triple with the blues and it worked ok (just for sustainability of the corals purpose). But last night the the triple seems to have gone bad. The white channel on it is now dimmed like it was on the double driver that it was hooked up to before. The RB will adjust with the pot. Question for the LED experts out there is this: I'm pretty sure I damaged/kililed the the single, double initally.. and want to know did the triple eventully give in (I checked with no load and the PS is now at 24.7V) OR is there an issue with a possible short in 1 or more strands of the LED's (the whites possibly) that is killing the druivers or making them not able to be adjusted with the pot? How do i check the strands of LED's to make sure they aren't shorted on the stars themselves? Is this somethings that is easily a problem if the solder is touching the edge of the pad on the star? I have emailed steves, and am waiting on a reply, but want to make sure I have my bases covered before I buy more driver (or I hope have these repaired) and burn them up too.. Thanks, Brian
  11. New WiFi LED Controller!

    I just stumbled on this thread and WOW! Very impressive, and exactly what I have been looking for. IF you need a beta tester I would love to be in the group! I just setup my Steve's LED retro last night for my biocube. This thing looks awesome. Brian
  12. Typhon LED Controller Enclosures

    Just checking to see if you still have these. I would like to purchase one as well if you do. Brian
  13. Steve's LEDs installation help Biocube

    If you are using a controller and 1 ps, what turns the fan on and off with the lights?
  14. Gunguy's BC29, a rebuild 9/10/13

    Just wanted to post an update. I have Steve's LED upgrade in the mail, should be here today and hopefully I will get some time on this long weekend to work on it. Just a few things that I have added since the last update. Acans Kenya tree and Devil's Hand (just after I put in the tank and it hadn't perked up yet) A frag of Monti Cap, and Monti digitata... by my first SPS BTW! zoas (sorry, I don't keep up with names) Grape monti frag (still need to mount this one) 3 FTS including the firefish goby that I added a few days later