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  1. woud you dose

    You tank is not very old. I would keep checking the alk, but would keep doing weekly water changes. It should go up slowly.
  2. woud you dose

    have you done a water change lately?
  3. Red Sponge ID

    They look awesome.
  4. WTB: Biocube 14 or 29

    HI, I have a 12 jbj nano I have been needing to tear down. Its about two years old. I have put a new pump into it. It would need new bulbs. $50, I live in Fort Worth, TX.
  5. Newbie Says Hello!

    Nice ride
  6. Chemipure Elite

    That is a YES
  7. Little black thingy

    +1 growerguy I have one of those snails. Scutus
  8. Ammonia Levels High Please Help.

    Watch out for that sponge, it will turn on you, and become a nitrate factory. Your tank is cycling, it will take about two more weeks. Cause is sound like your rock is dying off and doing its thing.
  9. Ricordia question

    I gota do it. PICS please, we want to see these beauties.
  10. Bamato's 70g Scorpion Tank

    Looks good. Cant wait for you to get it all up a running.
  11. 20L. AIO. foam wall.

    I just went through the whole thread. It was awesome, keep up the good work.
  12. ID this Zoanthid please..

    You got it, it is a zoa.
  13. what is this frag?

    What kind of lights do you have?
  14. what is this frag?

    It has to be some kind of encrusting montipora. Do you like it?
  15. Protean Skimmer

    You don't even really need a source. A protein skimmers job is to remove nutrients from the water. You are removing good and bad. You are being more efficient in a 8gal by just doing water changes.