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  1. My Bicoloured blenny has been in my tank for sometime without problems to my soft corals and LPS. The lighting on my 20 is probablly marginal for sps (65 w PC 10000k , 65w PC actinic and 20w Marineglo NO ). I was given a sps frag to try (unsure of kind but I think probably Montipora Digita) and the blenny is frequently seen picking at it. It is definitely looking worse than when I got it. Its placement is about 2.5 inches from tke waters surface. Thanks Frank
  2. So at what point do you do your fresh water dip and how does this affect the coral?
  3. I have used them and always showed some nitrate where the Aquarium Pharmaceutecals and Hagen tests showed none. I use them as a quick test but dont rely on the nitrate reading,and have to test for calcium wit another test as well. I find I do not test as often as I once did and let the look of the tank tell me how it is doing
  4. If I were to use epoxy to secure frags that are mounted to small pieces of rock to my main live rock would this bond be easy to break if I wanted to rearange the tank or move to an other tank? What brands of Epoxy would you recommend for this purpose? Thanks in advance Frank
  5. I think deep down I knew this but I love the colouration of this fish.
  6. I love the colouration of these fish. Would one be compatible wit my Firefish and Bicolour blenny? 20 gallon reef soon to be 50
  7. Great fish mine is about 6 months in the tank now and eats Nutrafin Spirulina Algae Flake & Formula One Flake as well as algae in the tank when I had it.
  8. I run my Saline Solutions skimmer through a AC surface skimmer works like a charm. Very happy with Saline Solutions skimmer as well.
  9. Five fish in a 20 seems like a lot to me this heavy bioload could be part of your problem.
  10. Around here stores keep coral & invert tanks at1.024 and fish only tanks at 1.018 to prevent ich. I have never had any problem aclimating either to my 1.025. Befor going away for a few days I slowly lower my salinity to 1.022 so that it dosent get to high while I am gone ( gotta get an auto top off) These animals are very adaptable if the change is SLOW.
  11. I have never done it but I have always figured I could warm water on a Coleman Stove a couple of times a day DO NOT BOIL SALTWATER. I was without hydro for 10 hours and did nothing. As long as the tank is not over stocked I think temperature is the most important issue. A battery driven air pump is a good investment.
  12. The filter will work fine for water movement but I would run it without media otherwise it may produce excessive amounts of nitrate. You could run a bag of carbon in it. You want your live rock to be your principle source of denitrification as it can process wastes past the nitrate stage. You will need to do 10% waterchanges weekly to remove nitrate. disolved organics and replace trace elements. My tank went through a dramatic improvement when I added a skimmer. Skimmers are like cars and all have there advocates and some preform beter than others. This is usually but not always dependant on price. Some inexpensive air driven skimmers work very well. IMHO any skimmer is better than no skimmer. Most people want a dry thick skimate but there is also argument for wet skimming and replaceing the skimate with fresh salt water. Frank
  13. My 20 Gallon contains a Firefish and a Bicolour I am very happy with them both, my wife would be devistated if anything happened to Lenny the Blenny.
  14. ^
  15. Ask a lot of questions that you know the answers to.