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  1. I'll try to get a better full tank shot later, it's changed a bit since this pic.
  2. Seems I'm out of room to upload photos, I'll need to figure something else out.
  3. Ok, haven't updated in a while. Things are going well, have a bunch of new additions.
  4. Ghl doser2 is probably the best out. You only need pc for initial setup and firmware upgrades. After that it can be run with its app. I'm considering buying a second one along with their newly released kh director for automated alk testing and dosing.
  5. Very nice cable management. Im embarrassed to show a pic of mine.
  6. This one's based on the sps ab+ profile powered down just a bit from brs', and changed a bit for my viewing time's. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbquhrw2wko0ti1/jons sps ab%2B.aip?dl=0
  7. A shot from the ghl app, so I can monitor and control doser from anywhere.
  8. Been busy the last couple weeks. Hooked my doser up to the home network, added a finnex hob fuge, and installed an apex.
  9. Pump simultaneously pulls saltwater from basement reservoir, and pumps out from tank to drain. I have it hooked up to a timer to replace a 2% water change daily. https://www.evoquaadvantage.com/product/Products/Browse-by-Brand/Stenner/Dual-Head-Fixed/Stenner-Feeder-100DMP2-Fixed-Double-Head-20GPD-1-4W-120V-100FL2A1SUAA-?gclid=Cj0KCQiAhrbTBRCFARIsACY7MW3PEjsMBCO9CLkWcMnfg4FfSgC345Gbz0sEJRYtFPopaUMqZw--t8QaAq5OEALw_wcB Side view.
  10. I've done it. It's a bit of a pain, but not hard to do. Take your time and you'll be fine.
  11. Been out of the hobby for a while, I'm excited to get this new tank going. Wife bought it for me for Christmas. Going to do a mix of softy,lps,sps. Im still new to reefing, even though i have had a biocube29 in the past. That tank crashed while on vacation several years ago frustrating me out of the hobby for a bit. So far this new one is about 3 weeks old. I'm at the tail end of my cycle. I cut off the filter sock from the stock IM bracket and glued in some gutter guard to hold filter floss. Using a spectrapure rodi unit, ato, and dual media reactor for carbon and phosguard. Ghl doser2 for dosing down the road. A dual head Steiner peristaltic pump does an automated daily 1% water change. Ati prime hd for lighting, and my aqamai kps came in yesterday for flow. This powerhead is awesome as it can be programmed in half hour increments for completely randomized flow throughout the day without a controller. Probably won't have too much more to post for a while as I'm taking this fairly slowly.