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  1. I can grow nuisance algae like no other!

    Yeah. I've always had a problem with PO4 but never had algae get this bad. I've used this rock with multiple systems. Pretty much the answer,its the rock. :/
  2. I can grow nuisance algae like no other!

    I decided to take some pics today. All my SPS are coloring up and encrusykng nicely. The pics don't show all that. This guy is getting its blue tips! This guy was blue but had a ATO issue. It'd getting its blue back My fastest growing SPS My mushrooms are making a comeback! They shrunk and lost color under the Ecoxotic lights. They're loving the Acan 300. My hammer.
  3. I can grow nuisance algae like no other!

    I upgrded my lights to Acanlighting's 18" 300 series 2 weeks ago. I did a H2o change today and put in new GFO. Hair algae seems to be calming down... Also had a rock slide.
  4. I can grow nuisance algae like no other!

    Today I brought home some nassarius snails and one zebra turbo. I couldn't get a hold of any Mexican turbos today :/ Also decided to take some crummy cell pics!
  5. GSP Madness

  6. I can grow nuisance algae like no other!

    There's a few snails and 3 hermits in there. The hermits kill most snails I put in there. I'll have to throw them in the sump when I beef up my CUC O_O' Thanks! Will do! I do siphon the GHA out when I do water changes
  7. I can grow nuisance algae like no other!

    I use RO/DI and TDS has been zero. I think my LR is leaching. Thanks! I recently rescaped my rock work. I had a Mexican turbo,along with other snails,don't last too long. Gonna have to give 'em another shot
  8. I can grow nuisance algae like no other!

    Thanks! He's a lil guy and has been in the tank since the beginning.
  9. Here's my 27g Marineland cube I've had running for a few months. I've neglected it for a month or so. Ive just been topping off and feeding/dosing. I got my GFO reactor going the other day and I'm going to start doing more frequent water changes. I've recently added the SPS frags up top. Don't laugh too hard >_> Equipment: -Ecoxotic Panaroma Pro fixture -MP10 -20g sump -Oldee Vertex skimmer -ATO & Reservoir -Phosban reactor Corals: -Purple Bonsai -Red plating Montipora -M.Setosa -Green Pocillipora -Green Millipora -Chilli Pepper Montipora -An unknown SPS -Tricolor Acro -Green Hammer -Green Red Speckled Mushrooms -Acan Fish: -6 line wrasse -1 PJ Cardinal That's probably going to be it until I get this algae under control.
  10. Captiv Phos Fe?

    I'd say test for Phosphates before using it then test again in 3-4 days and let us know
  11. My Simple 25G Tank

    I don't know its name,but I want it!
  12. Stunner strips in a JBJ 28 LED pro

    These probably won't do much for improving PAR as they're designed only to add color and accent lighting.
  13. 1+ yr old GFO?

    I didn't think so. I had to second guess it. Thanks guys!
  14. 1+ yr old GFO?

    I have some left over GFO that I haven't used from my old tank. Its been in its original container with the top on for more than a year. Any harm in using it? Does it go bad or expire?
  15. Evanski's Display frag Tank

    Aw, man! I second the 2x4' T5s