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  1. Falcon_Punch

    $24 for ROD'S Original Food?

    $20-$25 is the norm. Its packed with all sorts of food and well worth the money.
  2. Falcon_Punch

    Frizz's 30 Breeder:

    Dang! New shots look great BTW!
  3. Falcon_Punch

    Frizz's 30 Breeder:

    The coral fill the tank nicely! Also,I'm in the nova area too so if you need to load off some frags,I'm around haha
  4. Falcon_Punch

    Frizz's 30 Breeder:

    Nice tank!
  5. Falcon_Punch

    36G - A small measure of Reef

    Great tank! I love the a. abrotanoides.
  6. Falcon_Punch

    the procrastination tank. engaged!

    Search for "Real Reef" rock. I believe Pacific East Aquaculture sells it. I've heard of Florida aquacultured rock,never seen it around though.
  7. Falcon_Punch

    Joe's water Rainbow

    Did you ask your LFS? If you're going to drill it yourself get a glassholes kit
  8. Falcon_Punch

    Polarcollision's Nuvo 8 & Temperate 6

    Great pics! Has the h2o2 work for you?
  9. Falcon_Punch

    AC 70 DIY Surface Skimmer

    I have an idea. Take the tube from aquascape putty and glue it to the intake?
  10. Falcon_Punch

    any one use this?

    I would Google for some reviews
  11. Falcon_Punch

    Protein skimmer choice?

    Equipment forum
  12. Falcon_Punch

    Power Failure- Backup options?

    I don't know which kind to get but I would just run a power head to increase as much run time out of a charge. I would hookup the heater if you tend to lose power during the winter
  13. Falcon_Punch

    Ombré Alley [ADA Mini S] TOTM *Retired*

    Ombrè? I have no clue what's going on. Haha I'm liking the background idea
  14. Falcon_Punch

    24x24x16 Low Iron Rimless AIO Cube!

    Great tank! Some RS' on that would've been B A!
  15. Falcon_Punch


    Some people say they can flood if it loses siphon or if an air bubble forms in the U tube. I've used one for 2 years no problem, Some times, when turning the main pump back on after a water change, I would have to restart the siphon in the U tube. No bigger to me. Just keep an eye on it. I'm not against either,ask your LFS if theyll drill it for you if you change your mind Sucks about the Skimmer! Was a steal!