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  1. I have an old Tunze 9002 skimmer that's collecting dust. I'd like to pass it on to someone that will use it. The previous owner before me had repaired it where the magnet attaches to the body (see photos). It hasn't run for a few years, but I remember it working quite well. $40 shipping priority mail anywhere in the US.
  2. I have an older Koralias for sale. Both work fine. Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps Evolution 750 (pictured left) Hydor Koralia 2 (pictured right) $18 Shipped (each)
  3. AquaMedic Twin Doser - $200 Need to dose two-part? This is a two-pump system to dose Part A & B solutions. More info: http://www.aqua-medi...reefdoser-twin/
  4. Hannah Checker - PHOSPHATE with extra reagent - $40
  5. No interest in a plug-and-play LED solution for a bc29?
  6. All, I'm currently breaking down my Oceanic BC29, and I'm selling the custom LED Hood I built using Rapid LED's BC29 Retrofit kit. This is an amazing kit ($220 value) and contains the following 24 LEDs with Dimming Kit ($30 value) and of course, it's all built into a BC29 Hood ($100 Value): 8 - Neutral White 12 - Royal Blue 4 - 470nm Blue This kit is Plug and Play. I've been using this kit with great results for a couple years, and now I have to sell it because I'm breaking down this tank. Price: $350 $240 SHIPPED!
  7. I'm getting out of the hobby for now, so I'm selling off my BioCube with Rapid LED Hood. I'm located in the Greater-Lansing Area (DeWitt, to be specific). No shipping ... local pickup only. Includes: BC29 Tank BC29 Stand BC29 Hood Retrofitted with RapidLED Dimming Kit (this kit alone was $255) Extra BC29 PC Hood Tank Pump $350 Here are some photos:
  8. Bump. Phosphate with new package of reagent left for $40 shipped.
  9. Sorry for not getting back to the PMs that people have sent ... but I've had a lot of questions, so I'll answer them here instead. Pricing for $40 each (shipped) is firm. Alk checker comes with a brand new Alk Reagent ($9.99 value) Phosphate checker comes with a almost-new pack of reagent ($9.99 value) Ca checker comes with much of the original reagent remaining. Image for those who have been asking:
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