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  1. From my BC29
  2. From my BC29
  3. From my BC29
  4. From my 29G BioCube
  5. Tank Thread:
  6. Still trying to figure out shooting under LEDs with a DSLR ... but here is my colony of Sunny D zoas.
  7. "Beautiful corals are for brave people." I agree. These are gorgeous, and I used to have a nice sized polyp. They just scare me a bit
  8. Aren't these the guys that pack massive palytoxin?
  9. Reference photos of Nuclear Greens:
  10. I disagree.
  11. That's seriously the most dry water I've ever seen. No joke.
  12. That's not 12 feet
  13. Harlequin's enjoying a Chocolate Chip Starfish
  14. Cool - but, will it blend?