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  1. I have an older Koralias for sale. Both work fine. Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps Evolution 750 (pictured left) Hydor Koralia 2 (pictured right) $18 Shipped (each)
  2. AquaMedic Twin Doser - $200 Need to dose two-part? This is a two-pump system to dose Part A & B solutions. More info: http://www.aqua-medi...reefdoser-twin/
  3. Hannah Checker - PHOSPHATE with extra reagent - $40
  4. No interest in a plug-and-play LED solution for a bc29?
  5. Bump. Dropping the price to $220 shipped!
  6. All, I'm currently breaking down my Oceanic BC29, and I'm selling the custom LED Hood I built using Rapid LED's BC29 Retrofit kit. This is an amazing kit ($220 value) and contains the following 24 LEDs with Dimming Kit ($30 value) and of course, it's all built into a BC29 Hood ($100 Value): 8 - Neutral White 12 - Royal Blue 4 - 470nm Blue This kit is Plug and Play. I've been using this kit with great results for a couple years, and now I have to sell it because I'm breaking down this tank. Price: $350 $240 SHIPPED!
  7. I'm getting out of the hobby for now, so I'm selling off my BioCube with Rapid LED Hood. I'm located in the Greater-Lansing Area (DeWitt, to be specific). No shipping ... local pickup only. Includes: BC29 Tank BC29 Stand BC29 Hood Retrofitted with RapidLED Dimming Kit (this kit alone was $255) Extra BC29 PC Hood Tank Pump $350 Here are some photos:
  8. FS: Hannah Checkers

    Bump. Phosphate with new package of reagent left for $40 shipped.
  9. FS: Hannah Checkers

    Alk & Ca checkers are SOLD.
  10. FS: Hannah Checkers

    Sorry for not getting back to the PMs that people have sent ... but I've had a lot of questions, so I'll answer them here instead. Pricing for $40 each (shipped) is firm. Alk checker comes with a brand new Alk Reagent ($9.99 value) Phosphate checker comes with a almost-new pack of reagent ($9.99 value) Ca checker comes with much of the original reagent remaining. Image for those who have been asking:
  11. FS: Hannah Checkers

  12. FS: Hannah Checkers

    Hannah Checker - PHOSPHATE - $40I believe I have brand new replacement reagents for the Phosphate and Alk units which I'll include at no cost.