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  1. Not saltwater but lots of you also have freshwater aquariums! I recently set up a fw and I'm looking for some vallisneria and possibly some crypts. Let me know what you have!
  2. I'm looking for a maxijet 900 or 1200. Any other similar pump might work too
  3. Sold. May have more next month!
  4. African fighting child :haha:
  5. Will also include some mammillaris looking macro that has a blue sheen to it. Free!
  6. I started my previous tanks topless. As soon as I lost my first fish due to jumping, all my following tanks have had tops. In fact I've witnessed my chalk bass flying across the room right as I removed the top for feeding! It's really not too hard to make a good looking top. Be it acrylic or glass or clear screening.
  7. I can also do trades for rock flower anemones
  8. top downs during wc and some new coral And one with just the blues
  9. Have more macro available. Same macros as top post. WYSIWYG $40 PayPal shipped USPS Priority. latest ship day is Tuesday to avoid delays. PM is key
  10. Check for leaks. If you have saltwater leaking from the tank, it will lower salinity as the ato replaces it with freshwater
  11. 1 word. Reefcleaners
  12. Those are cerith eggs! Just leave them in there. You don't have to do anything in particular
  13. Good to hear! You don't have any problems with chemical warfare either?
  14. See latest updated post below. -------------------------------------------------------- From left to right. Caulerpa prolifera, Grape caulerpa, gracilaria mammillaris. $40 paypal, shipped. You will get exactly what is pictured here. Quarter for reference. Will not split apart as it will become inconvenient with shipping. USPS Priority box with cold pack. (It is 100+ where I am). Cannot guarantee live arrival but I have received and shipped many macros like this and they have been fine. Will ship Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Will toss in some codium for free as it does not grow too well in my tank because of 80 degree water temp. Pm is key. First offer based on timestamp takes it. Would be willing to accept trades for rock flower anemones too.