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  1. Anyone runnig a K2 on a BC 29?

    I run a K1 on mine - it's about perfect IMO. I don't think a K2 is too much flow, but I would put it on the back left glass below the stock pump return. Try pointing it a little bit up and across toward the front right corner of the tank. That should keep your sand kick-up down some.
  2. Sapphire Nanoskimmer?

    Wedge, turns out the same thing happened to me. I ordered a thermometer in the same order - it shipped yesterday, but not the skimmer. Nick told me that Sapphire should start shipping the skimmers "anytime now".
  3. Sapphire Nanoskimmer?

    Got the shipping confirmation email today for my BC29 model. =) I bet it'll be worth the wait.
  4. How do you "top-off" your nano reef?

    RODI in a bucket + Old Pitcher
  5. Day Job

    I'm a full time grad student, working on my doctorate in physical therapy. What seminary? My dad was a carpenter at the seminary he got his MDiv from.
  6. Sapphire Nanoskimmer?

    Sigh. Alright, as long as they're awesome.
  7. Hey yardboy. I love the 10g. I am building one this week, and I'm planning to employ your idea of replacing the bottom on the display. Do you think Lexan would work instead of 1/4" glass? Did you have any problems resealing?
  8. Sapphire Nanoskimmer?

    They are taking preorders at nanotuners.com and nanocustoms.com. Looks like it's gonna be worth the wait.
  9. Sapphire Nanoskimmer?

    Kyle - I just preordered a BC29 skimmer from nanotuners. How many skimmers are going to be released on this first batch? They said there were about 20 people in front of me - any ideas on how long it's gonna be? I'm ready to get it going and write you a good review. =)
  10. Let's See Your LFS Steal

    25 polyps of orange cup coral - $10
  11. biocube protein skimmer, POS?

    I have one, and it's probably the biggest waste of money I've encountered so far with my BioCube. Save up for a Tunze 9002, and don't even waste your time with the BC skimmer.
  12. Reef Tank vs Prop Tank.

    -1 for ferret They smell horrible - even if they are de-scented.
  13. DIY Mods for BC29

    What is "Texas Trash"?
  14. frogspawn fragging dying and growing?

    Pics would help. =)
  15. All tanks nuked, death everywhere.

    That sucks really hardcore, man. I am out of town all week this week - I've been calling my housesitter every night to make sure he feeds/doses/tops up right. I hope I don't come home to a disaster. Kraylen, shoot me a pm when you get going again, I too have some frags you can have if you pay shipping. =)