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  1. Chiller issue - diagnosis?

    *Final Update* The new fan assembly has the chiller cooling like it's early days again. So glad I went through the troubleshooting process, $50 repair instead of at $450 replacement. The fan assembly swap is not a difficult process. Start to finish 20-30 minutes depending on how many beers you require to get into project mode. Thanks again to all who chimed in. For future chiller trouble shooters, I would suggest the following steps: (for a chiller that powers on, but does not reduce tank temp) 1) Verify water flow through chiller circuit 2) check if your chiller fan is functional 3a) Fan functions: perform recommended maintenance (clear all dust from internal parts, vinegar solution reverse flow - 60 min) 3b) Fan does not function: place plug-in fan in front of chiller, observe if chiller is effective (via tank temp reduction) 4) If chiller is not effective after steps 3a or 3b, the reefer of average handiness and income should seriously consider buying a new chiller. The next level of repairs are generally all in the $100+ range and are not always guaranteed fixes Ok, I am sure I left something out. Please chime in with any other steps you suggest or perhaps a change in the order of operations.
  2. Chiller issue - diagnosis?

    ** Update** I just spoke with JBJ, and they believe the problem is isolated to the fan unit based on the symptoms described above (I should add that they were quite friendly and helpful). I was wrong about the fan assembly price, it's only $50 for the arctica mini. This sounds like a high probability cheap and quick fix, so I will be picking up the replacement in the next week and hopefully extend the life of the chiller. Not sure if anyone has documented this repair on Nano-reef, so If anyone is interested speak up and I will document the process (hopefully a simple one). Thanks again all for your inputs
  3. Chiller issue - diagnosis?

    Thanks Mike and Lawnman for your feedback. I ran the chiller last night with a plug-in fan blowing directly into the radiator cooling fins. That was effective in reducing the water temperature about 3 degrees over an hour (79 F to 76 F - We have seahorses). I have a standard RedSea 130D with ~10 gallon sump, so total water volume is around 45 gallons (standard power compact lighting). So it seems the compressor is functioning well enough to facilitate the heat exchange process, and the fan is the primary issue. That said, the compressor could be on it's way out and contributed to the fan burn-out in the first place (as Lawnman suggests). The unit runs noticeably louder than before, and the compressor is the only component that could generate significant noise with the fan out of commission. I am still leaning towards spending $400 for an easy guaranteed fix, vs. $100 for a new fan assembly, another fish tank project, and hoping the fan was the issue.
  4. Chiller issue - diagnosis?

    Thanks for your feedback. The hissing sound is constant when the compressor is on. Last night I did some more investigative work and discovered the fan is not functional. The internal housing of the chiller is clean as a whistle, per my maintenance over the weekend, so I suspect the fan motor is burned out. I think the fan assembly is $100 part, which would be worth it if I was sure the problem was isolated to the fan. Leaning towards a new chiller at this point.
  5. Chiller issue - diagnosis?

    I have had my 1/15 hp mini-arctica chiller for about 7 years now. It has always worked great for cooling the water, however the thermostat was problematic enough that I added a Apex controller a couple years ago. My problem now is that the chiller does not cool the water anymore. The unit is now making a slight hissing sound when it's trying to chill (when the condenser is on). The unit is not leaking at all however. The chiller also seems to be running hotter than usual. I performed the standard maintenance routine last weekend of cleaning the cooling fins and flushing the chiller with reversed flow. Alas, the chiller issues remain. My questions: Has anyone else had similar issues and successfully repaired their unit ? (at what cost?) Is 7 years a lifetime in chiller years, should I just bite the bullet and get a new one? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Matt
  6. FS: Mushrooms, Palys, Ricordea. LA p/u

    Sorry, no shipping. Some of the pieces are rather large, shipping would cost more than the coral. Not regularly. What are you interested in? We live in Redondo Beach right by the pier if you are considering the drive.
  7. FS: Mushrooms, Palys, Ricordea. LA p/u

    BUMP LA Area Reefers Rainy weekend coming up, might as well upgrade the aquascape...
  8. Hello fellow reefers. My tank is getting crowded, please help by providing a new home for these corals. Some of these are healthy sized pieces, perfect for starting more frags, or display now! Sorry, local LA pick-up only (90277). Five separate pieces for sale, will do all 5 for $100. Colony of purple mushrooms with blue spots (~ 20 heads) $35 http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s507/M...tt/IMG_0034.jpg Superman (red) mushrooms on rock (3-4 heads) $25 http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s507/M...tt/IMG_0049.jpg Orange florida ricordea - single frag $25 http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s507/M...tt/IMG_0037.jpg Striped jumbo palys - medium frag (12+ heads) $20 Mother colony http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s507/M...tt/IMG_0050.jpg Frag for sale $20 http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s507/M...tt/IMG_0047.jpg Nuclear green zoas - large frag ( 40+ heads) $25 http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s507/M...tt/IMG_0046.jpg Please come visit my tank this weekend, and take home some nice corals http://i1055.photobucket.com/albums/s507/M...tt/IMG_0052.jpg Cheers, Matt
  9. over-crowding sale - local pickup only 90277

    bump for LA locals
  10. Greetings Fellow Reefers, My coral has been growing like mad...need to clear some space so I can see the sand again. Sorry, local pick up only (Redondo Beach) Item 1 - $50 Softball sized piece of live rock with several mature pulsing Xenia stalks, and a couple of purple mushrooms. Perfect starter piece for someone looking for a decent sized colony of coral Item 2 - $20 Candy cane coral - 7+ healthy hungry heads Item 3 - $20 10+ polyps of yellow palys For whoever makes the trip to pick up some of the above, I do have other frags (teal ricordea, red mushrooms, blue zoas) available at almost half the price of your LFS
  11. Peek-A-Boo!

    great shot, I agree!
  12. Bristleworm ID

    ^ ^ +1 Nice ric though!
  13. Scott - Red Sea Max - Seahorse & fish reef

    Mandarin Training Success !!! Three months & eating frozen mysis !!! I was sooo excited last night when I witnessed his first big bites of frozen mysis, I felt the need to share our story. As you may conclude from looking through our previous posts, we were basically breaking all the Mandarin rules as far as placing them with other species (2 adult seahorses) that will compete for pods (in only a 35 gal) . We successfully overcame this by hard work and probably spending too much money (money is made to be spent right?). For hard work: We have tried (unsuccessfully) many times to raise seahorse fry, so we have a brine shrimp hatchery and know how to crank them out. This was key. About 5 days a week we would feed live baby brine shrimp mixed with cyclopeeze frozen food. Eventually, he gets used to tasting the frozen food and will stop spitting it out when he mistakenly eats it. Spending money: We will spend ~$50 every 3-4 months to buy a pod starter kit (2000 pods) from seahorse source. I think this gave us enough time to train him to eat frozen. (took 3 months to eat frozen mysis) The lucky part: The seahorses & mandarin seem to share a close symbiotic relationship. I often notice them in extremely close quarters (even touching). This has helped in his transition to mysis, because the mandarin seemed genuinely curious in what the seahorses were eating. Eventually, he must have had some moment of realization that whats good for them must be good for me, and tried eating with them. I will have to post a video of this soon! Anyways, bottom line: You can have a mandarin in a nano (35 gal) if you are willing to spend 15 minutes a day tending to baby brine, mix the baby brine with cyclopeeze for each feeding (atleast 5 days a week), and occasionally boost the pod population. Best of luck to you & your Mandarin, in our minds its totally worth it for this stunning fish!
  14. Scott - Red Sea Max - Seahorse & fish reef

    Thanks Nanobuds I have 6 fish: 2 Redi Seahorses, 2 Clowns, 1 Chromis, 1 Mandarin Goby. And no, I am not worried since this balance has been stable both chemically & symbiotically for a while. The only real "swimmer" is the Chromis, everything else just chills. Every critter has their space and they get along very well in a social community. Of course, you have to be very selective in picking tank mates for seahorses. They are the largest creatures in the tank (4" tall+), so that helps weigh the pecking order in their favor. If you have the time to feed the seahorses every day and are committed to weekly water changes, seahorses are not that delicate IMO (I do have a chiller though).
  15. Scott - Red Sea Max - Seahorse & fish reef

    We have been away for way too long, but still living up to our reefing dreams. We recently passed 1 since we introduced fish . I have to say this is the best/most rewarding hobby ever. Anyways, we have pushed on with our seahorse variety reef tank. The seahorses are a mating pair (tried very hard to raise a few litters - very difficult and time & $$$ consuming) and very personable. They will latch onto your finger to grab a bite to eat. Hope you enjoy the photos!