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  1. great shot, I agree!
  2. the purple ones with the blue spots (superman mushrooms I think) are fairly easy to come by. Any decent LFS should have them from time to time. The red ones are much more difficult to find. Trading or buying from a fellow refer is your best bet. If you live in the LA area I could probably help you out. I only have three, but know of tanks with ample supply.
  3. Our skunk with his favorite dinner guests, the reidi
  4. amazing
  5. amazing reef! I hardly noticed the chromis' in there amongst all that amazing coral!
  6. Beautiful fish!
  7. Beautiful!
  8. nice shot! they share the anenome? my ocellaris pair is not willing to share their host corals
  9. Great shot & beautiful fish!
  10. I used to have one of these when I had a 75 gal predator tank The puffer was my favorite, so much personality and always swimming laps. Put a net in the water, that will get him to puff up!
  11. rock on!
  12. great variety!
  13. ^^^ +1 nice arrangement though!
  14. looks nice! That's the one coral I have had a lot of trouble keeping (lost 2).
  15. cha-ching!$$! I mean, very nice...