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  1. Just looking for little feedback on these on smaller tanks. Setting up a IM 40 gal and wanna try something different.
  2. Hmmmm been away some time and come back to new site. Not sure I like it.
  3. Congrats. Now get rid of those ugly frag racks lol
  4. Yeah I had good luck with VIP in past. Was just seeing if any other options
  5. I'm looking for best place to place an order for 50+ rock flower nems. Has anyone here placed large order anywhere for them? I know VIP reef and rare reef have 50 packs.
  6. 36 inch hybrid fixture for the people with bigger tanks.
  7. Dc pumps ftmfl........ and why the heck do you want 10x turnover in your sump anyways?????? Imo this product is a waste of cash.
  8. Looking good. Add more flow on that cap to get it to grow more layers.
  9. lol I'd catch the little guy. I haven't seen it jump very high yet. It's funny watching it get all excited and wag it's tail when I go near the tank now.
  10. I have had this clingfish for pretty long and it just recently started to socialize lol. Sorry for the crappy vid. Been trying to catch him jumping out of water for food and on this one I was holding phone wrong way lol.
  11. It's little bigger than the last one. Maybe I need more fish to fill it up.
  12. Picked up new skimmer today. Loved my vertex omega but wanted something larger. M
  13. Thinking of selling mine. Where you located?
  14. Ova is back in stock at my lfs.......
  15. Gonna be super blue looking but will work.