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  1. So right now in #1 is my heater and a carbon bag as well as a Oceanic carbon/filter pad, #2 is LR chunks and cheato and the Oceanic Nano Skimmer, #3 is the MJ900 return. Is this an optimal setup? Should I run purigen, chemipure? I also have filter floss on hand and eggcrate. For a bioload I have 3 damsels and a psudechromis + 2 shrimp, and mixed corals, couple medium size frags. I just wonder if I am set up right. I want to use the filter floss to get rid of the floaties in the tank. Also I have my nano koralia in front of the top grate, not sure if the is a good place or not. People say the nano skimmer is crap, but I'm pulling a cup every 2 days of yellowish junk. I moded chamber 1 by removing false door and opening up the flow through chamber by cutting that dam open more.
  2. My BC29 back to nano's!

    Ya know, I'm not too sure, I did the mod before I ever set it up.
  3. Hey guys, just set this up Friday the 16th of October. I downsized from my 75g with 20g sump. I reused 3/4 of my tank water, all my live rock, 2+ years established, but new sand. I figure the rock will seed it. I have done the surface skimmer mod, removed the chamber 1 false door. I added LR rubble and cheato to #2 and upgraded my return pump to a MJ900. I also added a Hydor Koralia Nano pump for increased flow. I have 2 clown, purple psudechromis and blue damsel. Blood red fire shrimp and a coral banded shrimp. snail, hermits and a tiger tail cucumber. I recently added a red linkia that I rescued. Corals are a yuma ric, frogspawn, hammer, torch, mushrooms, some green monti cap and candycanes. I kept all these successfully in a 20 Tall under PC's so I figure my 29BC should work. I am on the fence about upgrading to the nanotuners hood. A buddy of mine has one for sale. Anyway heres a few pics. Not sure how many lbs of LR, but I got alot, I like rock work!!! During the move I had a spare 29g tank to use as a holding area while I was moding out my BC Little skimmer working hard
  4. My BC29 back to nano's!

    Thanks, it's nice to move already established stuff, no waiting for cycle I loved my 20 tall, it looked great, I thought I need to upgrade like everyone else does. Had a wild year with it, drilling the tank myself, making to 20L sump, filling it with rock and livestock. After a crash from a faulty kalk reactor it never looked right again. I think my place is NANO!!! P.S. I'm done with those dang colored sticks, softies and a few LPS for me
  5. My BC29 back to nano's!

    Hey guys, I started with a 20 tall, ventured into a sumped 75g mixed reef and lost all interest. I recently came across a barely used 6 month old 29g BC. here's some pics to enjoy SURFACE SKIMMER MOD False door chamber 1 removed 5 hours later, the 75 was broken down, moved to a standard 29 while I modded the cube, majority of stuff got moved over including 25 gallons of my old water, 5 gallons of new, cherry picked my favorite LR out of the 75 and moved my livestock over. Here it is, still clearing up, I will post more when my frags return from the baby sitter. Hope you guys like it so far.
  6. Don't cal lit a comeback!

    OK, I make the big move to my 29G BioCube Friday. I'm fired up, got a buddy coming to do all the mods to it, it comes with the skimmer and a spare hydor powerhead. Lookin forward to starting a new thread with lots of pics!
  7. Don't cal lit a comeback!

    After a 2 year hiatus and going from my old 20 gallon tall with PC's and a HOB filter to a 90 gallon reef complete with 20L sump, 2x250w MH, skimmer, fuge, yadda yadda I am making my triumphant return with a newly acquired 29G biocube. I missed the Nano's and the bigger tank became tiresome, I felt like a slave to it, bigger tank, bigger problems, kalk reactors, calcium reactors, ATO systems with a kalk drip, been through all that. Kept SPS, LPS, Clams. Gimmie a 29 nano, bunch of softies, zoos maybe a few heads of frogspawn I will transfer over my clowns, blue devil damsel (I've had for 3 years) purple psudechromis, mandarin (eventually) and I am gonna trade my Sailfin Tang for a coral beauty or most likely flame angel . I will keep my frogspawn, hammer, zoa's and a small piece of green monti(also my first SPS) Anyway can't wait to comeback to you guys
  8. Anyone from Mid-West?!?!

    Did this get resolved? I am a co-founder of this site and help run and maintain it. Let me know if you have more problems. doubled50 Doug
  9. Closet cleanout sale

    Skimmer sold Everything gone. Thanks.
  10. Closet cleanout sale

    Everything but skimmer sold Thanks, NR.com
  11. Closet cleanout sale

    Fluval 404 Sold. Everything else still available.
  12. Closet cleanout sale

    Well at first I was skeptical about it, but it pulled lots of skimmate out of my 20 tall. here is a pic of it foaming. I changed out the little filter inserts monthly. Overall I was very pleased with it, from what I researched it blows that fission nano skimmer out of the water.
  13. Closet cleanout sale

    I recently sold my 20tall nano and had some things laying around. Located in NW Indiana, will ship for $5 priority. Paypal preferred unles picking up locally then will do cash. 24" Coralife Aqualight PC fixture w/moonlights and legs $50 (Needs a new Actinic bulb) Taam Rio Nano skimmer H.O.B. $20 Mag 9.5 pump $50 Fluval 404 Canister filter $35 (small crack on top does not affect performance, just cosmetic)
  14. Fission Nano Protein Skimmer...

    i have to say i absolutley love the Taam Rio Nano skimmer,it'sHOB so i dunno if that will work for ya,but i researched for months and would say stay away from the fission.
  15. Patboone7's 20 tall is almost a year old

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments, makes me feel good that my tank is thriving. The green monti is just growing on it's own, no training. I will continue to watch the lion, I keep him well fed and he is still too small to eat my clowns, but I'm pretty happy with it still, I keep tellin myself quit messin with it, but you know this hobby!