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  1. new tank - new year!

    Nice! Any stocking plans?
  2. Well.... I'm back again. 5.5g

    No I didnt mod the aquaclear at all, I just run it on its lowest setting, the tank has been up for about a month id say, it had a very soft cycle, but it did cycle. Its on my desk that I'm always sitting at so about everyday I am cleaning the sand. It doesnt look that clean in person lol my camera for some reason makes it look clean
  3. Well.... I'm back again. 5.5g

    Little update. Bought a few more pounds of live rock and a small zoa frag. Radioactive dragon eyes. There still closed up though. Hes a pic of the new scape.
  4. Well.... I'm back again. 5.5g

    Hey everyone, it has been a very long time since I posted on here, but ive been biten by the reef bug once again. For the past couple of years Ive been primarly with south american chiclids, I have a 125 and a 75 right now. But that doesn't matter cause were here with a pico reef. Part list 5.5 AGA Aquaclear 50 25w heater. 50/50 CF bulb. 20w ( going to upgrade soon) About 5 lbs of live rock. Im defiantly going fishless. Coral list will be mostly zoas, im going to be picking a few frags this weekend. Thanks for looking!
  5. Kat's Ol' Max

    Very nice tank!! Ive been lurking for so long, and i decided to come back, great tank, and i loved the Nano Radio show!
  6. Our friend Jeremai has passed away.

    So sad, Jer always was always very helpful and very nice, He will be missed RIP
  7. Clownfish's 40g Long

    Hey everybody! As some of you might know, i had my 40 set up wonderfully for about 3 years, and i went to the beach, and when i came back, tank water was 93 degrees all corals dead. tank crashed end of saltwater for me. i set up a 15 gallon freshwater tank, (i still have it) and now im back with saltwater, i just graduated and got 900$ from friends and family. so i bought a new filter and powerhead, some more live rock, and sand and re-setup the 40. so here we go. Lighting 48" dual bulb T5, 120 watts Filtration Local lfs version of ac110. Marineland power head I want an mp 10 Stocking List 2x Maroon Clowns ( Its in the name ) Some kind of goby ( suggestions? ) More Suggestions? Pics
  8. Laundry room tank 'o the lost

    I wish i could just neglect a tank and it would turn out this nice! Congrats.
  9. At The Bommie's Edge - New Animals!

    Wow. That looks wonderful, cant wait to see it all reefy

    Give this man a metal. My new hero
  11. ** inTank Super Bowl Contest**

    Packers 24 Steelers 17
  12. My 20L upgraded to a 40B SPS tank

    I love both of your tanks! The scape is so simple and modern. I cant wait to see it grow out
  13. Let's see those Santa hat avatars

    Thanks! Love it haha
  14. Let's see those Santa hat avatars

    Anyone want to throw something on mine? thanks

    Welcome! For that size tank, i probably wouldnt put more than 1 fish in there. you could get away with 1 clownfish, or a smaller goby. I would say get 7-10 lbs of Live rock, and take you time. ps; You WILL want to upgrade lol, im at 40 gallons right now, and i really want a125g lol!