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  1. Thanks for the image erisen. Can you please answers my following queries : - Are the leds on 5 individual channels ? - What intensity are you running each color at ? - Are you using any lenses on the Leds ? Thanks
  2. Fanatastic colors ! Can you please show us a picture of your LED setup ? This is the best LED color combination that I have seen
  3. If you are interested in any livestock, see my other thread : http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=315933 mp10 es - $175 - works perfectly ..no issues at all - I still have the original box etc. Orphek dimmable par38 led bulb + lutron dimmer - $125 - used for approx. 4 months - has 6 bluve, 4 white , 2 UV leds 10 gallon frag tank with new wooden stand - $40 - standard 10 gallon AGA - comes with heater, powerhead and frag stands - comes with fragplugs, disks, coral glue etc Here is a picture of it setup : Complete 20 gallon setup - $150 Includes : - 20 gallon glass tank with black silicone with top rim removed drilled for overflow and return - back painted black and bottom of the tank painted white - custom made mesh cover with frame - wooden stand ( this is an aquarium stand ordered from Dr. Fosters and Smith) - custom made 20 gallon acrylic sump to fit perfectly in the above mentioned stand ( sump is currently live with rock,cheato and read grape algae) - comes with all plumbing Old pic with MH lighting : Link : More pictures when the tank was first setup This setup needs some TLC . Tank has been neglected for the last couple of months and the display is overrun by hair algae. The sump however has very little algae DIY 36 CREE LED dimmable lighting - $175 - comes with all meanwell drivers,lenses,dimmers,cooling fans,heatsink,hanging hardware etc. - two blue leds are flickering, dont turn on right away - they would need to be re-soldered Ehiem return pump - $20 - works perfectly and is super quiet a small wooden nightstand with door - $10 - this fits a 5 gallon jug perfectly that I used for topoff water *** I will sell the full 20 gallon long setup + light + pump etc for $300 *** ATO - $25 autotopoff.com dual switch ATO with aqualifter pump and silicone tubing 5 gallon plastic jugs $5 for 2 phosban reactor with pump - $15 32 gallon rubbermaid roughneck with wheels - $7 - used to store RODI water Aquaclear 30 HOB filter - $15 2 API reeefmaster test kits ( one half used/ one used once once)- Both for $25 3 Magfloats (2 small , one medium)- All for $10 20 gallon acrylic sump for sale - $20 - Dimensions : 24 in. x 11 in. x 16 in. - One of the corners is patched at the top . see pic below CF bulbs - All for $10 - I think they are 24 W each with 50/50 Blue white mix Free depending on purchase amount : - box of pvc fittings, hoses, other stuff that I have collected over the years - various fish food - fragging supplies - some pieces of dry rock - nanocube hood - various kent chemical bottles/carbon/phosphate remover - half bag of IO salt - canister filter
  4. If you are looking for any hardware plz see my other thread : http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=315935 I will be home tomorrow (Friday) if you want to pickup anything. Location : Los Angeles 90066 Red acan with stripes ( ~ 15 heads or so) - $20 Heat wave chalice frags -3 head frag $20 -1.5 head frag $15 here is a pic (for reference only ,not a pic of the frags above) Fruit bar chalice frag $15 - encrusting on the frag plug Purple mouth green skirt chalice frag $5 - the frag is a small single head 4 polyp red PE zoa frag - $5 Teal/bluish center mushroom with orange skirt - $5 Free with purchase : - Idaho, green monti cap, frogspawn pieces - Blue Damsel Small/medium size pieces of live rock - All for $10
  5. koralias will pretty much do a similar job as a vortech in terms of moving water. But if aesthetics and smaller footprint is your main concern, then the vortechs are the winner.
  6. A regular 40 breeder with the top rim removed is something to worry about. You could silicone some glass strips to the top as a brace to prevent it from bowing
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