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  1. Going back to Halides

    Thanks Weetie! That could work. If I resist the urge to hoard the light, which usually is futile with all my equipment, I'll be sure to keep you in mind if you have any interest.
  2. Going back to Halides

    Through no fault of its own, I think I've finally decided that I've had enough with my Razor/T5 set up. Always liked my MH and want to go back. Now the fun part, what to go with. My tank is 36x24x12, housing softies, gorgs and RFAs. I'm want to go with 2 separate pendants for a couple of reasons. 1) Not digging the big fixture over the whole top look anymore 2) Have been growing out some mangroves in my fuge and plan on moving them to the DT soon. With 2 pendants I will be able to adjust height accordingly as they grow. As far as fixtures, it seems like there aren't too many around anymore (damn LEDs) so I may go the DIY route. I know I have 2 behemoth 400w ballasts, but those will be waaaay too much for such a shallow tank, and could you imagine both over it? So, if anyone could recommend any ballasts, retros or such, including what wattage you think would suffice. Will be using 14k phoenix bulbs as they always look good for me. Thanks
  3. Tidal Rush Tank?

    Look up surge device. Plenty of DIYs out there
  4. Woke up yesterday am to a chilly tank, 73*. Thought, damn heater must've gone out. Pulled out my spare and plopped it in. Kept an eye on it during work, but no change. Could it be 2 Eheims dead at once? Couldn't be. But so when I got home switched that out to a 300w Fluval. Woke up this am and still cold. So, I took my original heater and plugged it into a normal wall outlet and lo and behold everything thing is fine. Obviously something's up with this outlet. Plugged into outlet 8 and looked at amp chart and it's all over the place. Could the switch be stuck off? any ideas of a fix? Edit: Did a lil more thinking and realized that it couldn't be stuck off. I had forgotten that last night when I tried my 3rd heater I noticed it would come on for a minute then shut off. So, I took a splitter and plugged the heater into one outlet and a lamp into the other. Then I plugged it into the outlet. The heater still was on/off while the lamp was on the whole time. Talk about confusing ?
  5. Painting aquarium pumps

    Don't think you'll have any problem if you use krylon. Just make sure to disassemble and cover the hole the shaft goes in. May need to recoat every so often. Out of curiosity, why would you want to paint it? I kinda like a black PH to fade into the scenery and be "unnoticed".
  6. Green star polyps! $1.99

    Hell, I'm game for 2 frags. LMK PP info
  7. 23 days until Reef-A-Palooza New York!

    NY. NJ. Same difference. Always the red headed stepchild with better venues. Meh. But I'll prolly be there again. Hopefully win another several buckets of salt again.
  8. jimmyree is my hero. Who says chivalry is dead? Hahaha. Seems like you're just pissed that you could've sold for more but decided not to. Your choice, live with it. People buy what they want at the price they want. Stop crapping up his thread and move on. Oh, and I no whores in this race. Although, would've loved to snagged the ATI if I had seen it earlier. OP, GLWS and stop antagonizing.
  9. DIY CO2 Scubber for BioCube 29 Skimmer

    Thanks for the heads up. May have eventually found that, but less work for me now. I love it when that happens. Funny thing is, I was looking to see if I could retro my spare brs reactor to do this. Def easier this way.
  10. DIY CO2 Scubber for BioCube 29 Skimmer

    Well played. Turned out really nice. Been thinking of doing something along these lines too since my pH is always low. Don't look like those will be big enough for my tank, 65 gal, but will take a look to see if I can find something similar in a larger size.
  11. maxspect gyre xf130

  12. Friends or Foes

    Neon dottyback. Tins of bristles in fuge, ziltch in display.
  13. Conundrum Tank - At the Crossroads

    Welp, really starting to hit a bit of snag with this tank. Having a problem controlling my 'trates (+60, I know, join the club). Really not grasping why though. Usually try, schedule permitting, a weekly/biweekly water change of 10-15 gals. All water is made by me with RO/DI unit. I only have 1 fish and feeding is very minimal. Maybe a small pinch of Omega flakes 2-3 times a week, sometimes less. Once every or everyother week I'll broadcast feed with either Dr G's copepods, Reefbugs, BRS Reef frenzy or Rods. The skimmer has been pulling some nice dark stinky skimmate when working (thing likes to go crazy on me pretty often). I don't have a major algae problem, maybe a couple tufts of GHA, a few patches of what looks like red slime and some diatoms on the gravel. But the funny thing is that I'm having problems keeping any macroalgae. Had 2 pieces of nemastoma, plus others that I can't recall right now (too much afternoon drankin), wither away. Even my chaeto has croaked on me. About the only thing that is doing well is my halimeda. Even have 2 new shoots sprouting up. At this point I'm contemplating a bunch of changes ranging from changing my sand to new skimmer to going with an ATS. Also worth pointing out, my fuge seems to have a bunch of the red slime in it. For some reason the flow seems to be nonexistent in there, but not sure how that is possible. This is one reason I'm contemplating ripping it out and filling the space with an ATS. I've had good success with one on my prior tank. If not that, was goin to try and put some extra flow in the fuge by tapping off of the manifold and upgrading the skimmer. Now, with all that said, everything has been doing ok. Not helluva lot of growth, but I'm fine with that. My RFA's have been doing well and even have a lil baby. Yeah! Got some more tweaking with the light to do. Not sure if I should up the output or just lower the lights and be done with it. Anyways, I'm done venting now. Hopefully all this rambling made some sense.
  14. ATO reservoir camouflage?

  15. Vertical Bars in Photos

    Always a reason for that, or so it seems. Don't get me wrong, all my pcs are OSX, 1 being my hackintosh I've been running for several years, but iOS? No thanks. I'll stick to my Nexus with vanilla android. To get back to the original OP, as stated before, LEDs are always difficult to capture true colors and know that the iphone cameras are not the best. Possibly using a gel may help to eliminate that problem? I've seen a bunch of iPhone picts, good and bad, but don't recall those stripes before. Wish I could be a lil more helpful.