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    college student, attending the University of Kentucky. I currently have a 12 gallon nano
  1. never kept nems, why the flower pots?
  2. I was jk btw I think this is awesome!
  3. Eh...this is just ok, kinda dull if u ask me
  4. Just got a frag of these today!
  5. my 12 gallon is loaded with these. i would love to exterminate them all but dont wanna tear up my sandbed
  6. looks great i love tat green birdsnest, how big was it when you put it in there?
  7. great tank
  8. nice tank, i really like the rock work, it makes the tank look deeper/larger imo
  9. lookin good
  10. nice, have a couple just like it, and i love em
  11. great tank