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  1. I got my order from you last Monday and those hermits should come in handy!! Hope they're hungry.
  2. I think I found what this is. Not byropsis! This looks to be Caulerpa verticillata It looks like this might be just as tough of a challenge as bryopsis. We'll see. It sure is pretty but I've read it grows very very fast, and seems to have perked up fast from the shipping shock.
  3. I can't find any pictures of bryopsis that look like this though. It's not the typical fan shape. I've had bryopsis in the past and this doesn't seem to match up.
  4. That's a possibility, although it doesn't look as thick. It is growing by runners though. Hahaha, it was a used tank I picked up on Craigslist. I think that coraline is all dead, who knows though maybe it will spring back to life.
  5. I am starting up a new tank and I am using Gulf Live Rock, which is awesome, but I have an algae on one rock in particular that I can’t ID. It looks to me much like fresh water Cabomba but in mini form. I was thought it was bryopsis before but I don’t think so now. Any ID help would be much appreciated! I would like to know if I need to eradicate it before starting to stock the tank. Thanks!
  6. Awesome! Enjoy that, still love mine. Yeah the beer scene is pretty good out here although I am missing some of the up and coming breweries back there. I come back to the BWI every now and then for work and the new Guinness brewery is insane. Pretty decent American style small batch stuff they are brewing there, too. Soon here I'm going to try out a NEIPA with that Kviek yeast everyone is talking about. I'll let you know how it comes out.
  7. Hey, my old tank looks good!! I wish I could have set it up peninsula style, that's really what it looks best as. Kind of regretting selling that for the move. I kept all the equipment besides that. I did just pick up a Fluval Evo 13.5 for something small to have in my office so I'm getting back into it now. Keep up the good work. I'm definitely missing WAMAS; the Denver reef club scene is a little lacking compared. Hope you're doing well.
  8. If it’s repairable a 2014 build date should still be quiet. What you need is the quiet drive driver (black). That is what makes the newer stuff quiet. I put a new driver on my 11/2014 and it is silent and has been for 2 years. You may need a new dry side or it may be repairable. Either way have them send it back to you with a new quiet drive driver. You’ll still come out cheaper than brand new and you won’t be able to tell the difference if they do it right.
  9. I bought this to replace an MP10 dry side that crapped out but found a good deal on a replacement dry side and QD driver so I’m going to sell this. I had it set up about a week and it’s works great. I had it running a reef crest and pulse type schedule and it works very well. I don’t have the box but it has everything else. $75 shipped USPS.
  10. Yep, if all other levels look normal elsewhere that is evaporation, especially after 13 hours.
  11. I've hung a 4x39 watt 36" Wavepoint T5 (fairly heavy) from a drywall ceiling using toggle bolts. It was plenty secure. I don't know if it would use dry wall anchor as that doesn't distribute the weight of the fixture as well as toggle bolts.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe consider a small skimmer and just do regular water changes.
  13. If you're patient, I think you can find a used Prime (not HD) for about 130-150 used. You won't need the HD although it is a nice feature. I have two Primes over a 36" tank that is 12" deep and have plenty of power. That would be my choice for that tank, esp. on a budget. Patience pays off.
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