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  1. Sentinel for red/black bugs

    Thanks Mike!
  2. Sentinel for red/black bugs

  3. Hey everyone. I've been dealing with a black bug problem and have not been able to obtain any sentinel because I don't have a dog. Anyone know where I could get some?
  4. Noob question.... Salt mixes?

    I used to be a NSW user but when I discovered ESV's Seawater System which is packed into 4 separate parts (2 dry and 2 liquid components) I have to say I may never use another salt mix again. It mixes up clear in about 10 minutes and can be used shortly after that. Whenever I do water changes now my corals almost never look mad or unhappy which is something that used to happen when I used NSW. It is on the expensive side, but well worth it if you ask me.
  5. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    WOW I wasn't expecting so many responses! haha. Sorry Y'all I was at Disneyland with some friends for their annual 24 hour day. Nope! They've been growing so much faster ever since I upgraded though so I attribute my separate refugium and mud bed for their enhanced growth. Thanks! Ah okay, I know there are a few stores out that way like Aquarium Concepts and Diablo. Thanks Boo Thank you KimberBee! Awh why thanks you're too kind Metro Haha Thanks Kimber!
  6. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    Yeah! haha where abouts in the East Bay are ya? Thanks Clown!
  7. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    Haha thanks! They're taking over my Tubbs Blues! I really needa frag them haha. Thanks! Well, I'm biased because I work at Neptune Aquatics and have since I started reefing back in the summer of 2009. My second go to store though is Aquatic Collection over in Hayward. Thanks Doc! Haha Thanks for the kind words RK!
  8. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    Here's that huge photo update! Some of them a macro shots using my 24-70 f/4L IS USM Macro capable lens. Right Side Zoa Garden plus the Scoly, Plate, and Clam Left Side Acan Garden SPS Island The Rastas Macro Acans Macro Green Slimer Macro Tricolor Valida Macro Red Planet Macro Crocea Clam Macro
  9. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    Hey xlzerolx, Thanks for the kind words! I do have a few acros that have some shadowing issues but it's only really noticeable when the lights are off. As for the knob it's roughly 45% from the start point on the right so I'm getting maybe 12-14K color. I'm at 100% on the intensity knob. I do have a skimmer, the photo I posted is just of the refugium tank. The skimmer I'm using is the Tunze 9002 so that the tank is under-skimmed. Huge pic update to come!
  10. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I just think you need more acros.
  11. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I'm sorry for your loss
  12. Kat's Birthday Party

    Ohaidere Metro you have prettyful coral.
  13. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    Thanks Addinali! Thank you very much Mark! Here's a Refugium update. My turtle grass is growing like crazy and I'm contemplating replacing the 10g with a 20g Extra Tall so that the grass has more room to grow upward. On a different note, mysid shrimp have bloomed in the fuge with hundreds of them roaming around the tank. Here's the shot: I'll be posting some macro shots of my coral later tonight.
  14. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    Yup, I'd say that your previous system is the clear winner in this situation. I'll be posting some macro shots of my tank probably on Monday. I'm using them for my final project in my photoshop class so might as well post them here too.
  15. NanoreefNate's DSA 35G Massive Pic Update May 21st!

    Thanks Doc! I do not feed my zoas anything actually. What I have found is that when I had a more "sterile" tank setup with a filter sock and heavy skimming with no low flow refugium as I did with my 20G, the zoas definitely grew a lot slower. In this current setup, I have no filter sock, just a rock rubble diffusion zone in the sump, the same skimmer as my 20, which equals less skimming, and I have a 10G deep mud bed in my 10g low flow refugium. As you can see from the images the later setup has promoted much more growth than my previous system. Hope this helps!