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  1. FS: PF-Nano $30 Shipped FedEx ground. Good condition just needs a little cleaning. The adjuster screw on the back is hard to turn. I never used it and just realized it's probably in backwards. Includes a gurgle buster, which made this run dead silent on my 20G. It's a little tricky to get tuned but once it's running no noise at all. Here is details on the gurgle buster - http://home.everestkc.net/jrobertson57268/HGB/ PM with any questions. Paypal for payment.
  2. Multiple Gorgasms

    How are the Barnacle Blennies doing? I haven't seen mine in over a week. Ohh and thanks for TFP vouch. They sent me an awesome peacock.
  3. Naked 30 JBJ Rimless

    It's only a 20 hour drive! If it splits I will hook you up. It's "Sherman" RBTA, be nice to get one out to the east coast. Ohh and I added a red, two cool blue and swapped two neutral whites. I still have two neutral's, two TV and another red too add. Figure I will give it a couple weeks for everything to settle in. Thanks, the frag plug worked great until I found it on the bottom of my tank. Pretty sure the BTA stung it. It's just sitting on my rocks now and seems happy. Found an unboxing picture. I found an added surprise when I opened the box, bonus Frenchie!
  4. Naked 30 JBJ Rimless

    I agree! I'll see if I grab some this weekend. Fighting some micro bubble issues. Drive down and it's yours! Koralia is keeping it away from my SPS island so far. It doesn't look too happy though. Hoping I can piss it off enough to split. Here's a nice shot of my Black Ice in one of my other tanks.
  5. Naked 30 JBJ Rimless

    Neutral white, cool blue and red LEDs arrived from Steve's LEDs today. Looks like I'm doing some soldering tomorrow!
  6. Best Dallas fish store?

    Neptune's Cove if you want Zoas.
  7. $50 shipped from http://tbsaltwater.com/
  8. Best Dallas fish store?

    If you're not in a hurry I would just wait for next wave - http://www.dfwmas.org/nextwave
  9. No way would I put a 6line anyplace near a 10 gallon. Mine looks cramped in my 30G. I would go with a clown too. Goby/Pistols are cool put they just perch all day.
  10. Just go with the battery powered pump. It will be fine if you just stick an airline it in the tank. Airlift will provide a little more flow.
  11. Rainbow Bta And Scoly Fs

    Well, as soon as I get one of your splits we will have to see how they do in my tank. My BTA is far from well behaved!
  12. Rainbow Bta And Scoly Fs

    20 splits, that is crazy. I feed Rod's food twice a day. Guess I better try the pellet mysis. My RBTA was a split from a fellow reefers that splits every couple months. I'm going to add a couple LED's tomorrow right on top of it. Hopefully light will split it.
  13. Let's try this pic. Drill a hole in the top of a 90 deg PVC and shove some air hose down it. I made one of these and used an a air powered walmart pump overnight on my 6 gallon. I had no losses.
  14. Get a battery powered air pump and build an PVC airlift. Something like this - http://www.hawkfish.org/snailman/diyairlift.htm
  15. Macroalgea help

    I can't keep Prolifera or Chaeto alive. If you have low nutrients it will probably just die. I guess my xenia is eating up all my nutrients. Ohh low nutrients aren't a problem, that's strange.