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    Stock list in 15g cube

    In the middle of cycling a fluval flex 15g for saltwater use. It's going to be a softie/LPS tank. I think I've chosen appropriate fish for this but just wanted to check with you nano experts. I'm thinking ONE dracula goby + pistol shrimp pair and a helfrichi fire fish. Thoughts?
  2. Purchased one of these with intentions to modify for a nano reef with softies/LPS. I'm thinking I'll keep the stock light (7500K led) for the white spectrum and add some actinics behind and in front of this bar to shift it much more blue. It seems like I only have about 1.5" to play with from the hood to the water. I'd like to keep the hood to reduce evaporation and it just looks clean in the area of the house that I placed it. Does anyone have a 450nm strip LED recommendation that is 1.5" or less tall? Somewhat considering just using the waterproof flexible LED strip from amazon.
  3. Little background... I had a 37 SW tank for a few years. Had couple anemones clown fish, purple pseudo, etc. So, I'm not new to the game. However, I AM new to nanoreefing. Xmas is coming up and my parents are pressuring me to figure out what I want and this came to mind. I gave my 37 to my brother because I switched schools and didn't want to move it. I've always liked the nano cube by JBJ, but i see a lot of bad rep. on the forums about it. The thing i've noticed is that it seems like the problems (and the threads) are outdated. So I'm wondering... are these all in one tanks better now? Seems like they all went seamless. More specifically, I'm wonder what the STOCK nano is capable of. I want to get some live rock from my old tank and take one of the anemones (one split RIGHT after i gave the tank away ) Is the JBJ 12 DX adequate as is? More questions coming soon...