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  1. Is this childish?

    Review seemed spot on to me.
  2. OMG Saltwater beetle! Huuuuge

    Ummmm wtf is that?!
  3. Mail Order Coral

    Just Google the sponsors reviews before you order.
  4. To Skim or not to Skim!

    I notice a big change in ph without the skimmer, 7.8 without. 8.1 with average.
  5. Final Answer: 40B!

    Pay 24 $ http://www.nano-reef.com/premium/
  6. To Skim or not to Skim!

    skim. the benefits outweigh the cost imo. can you go without yes but why?
  7. 2 months with clean rock is long imo. With no ammonia supply you may risk bacteria die off from lack of food. Then when you add fish it might actually re-cycle. And I would only cycle at 78 no need to do 90. Mine was started with dry rock too. I added a fist size live rock from the lfs and let it go. Took less than 3 weeks.
  8. I would either stack it. (Will trap a lot if gunk in the little squares on the bottom.) Or clip off pieces of the crate and attach them as legs with zip ties. Like make a egg crate table.
  9. Reactor Suggestions?

    Check brs. Watch the reactor videos.
  10. polyps stopped opening

    Turn the AC on?
  11. Good enough for zoas?

    Both. Save your money. Get a better light.
  12. Tank rescue...advice?

    nice job. excellent work.
  13. because it is overflowing. raise it. height is almost always the issue. try it at 6. skimmers are all about experimentation. example. at the store i have been working at we have 2 of the exact same skimmers new out of the box in newly set up systems. one skimmer over flows like crazy the other is making dark skim at the same depth. we raised one and not the other and both are working perfectly. dont ask me why but its the nature of the beast.
  14. How long to store mixed SW? Red Sea Coral Pro

    i store mine with heater off and ph off just to save energy. i do turn them on 24hrs before WC day. not saying my way is the correct way but is a viable option.
  15. How long to store mixed SW? Red Sea Coral Pro

    I run tropic marin pro reef. (although I just made a batch of ESV but have not tried it in the tank yet...july 1st is almost here tho) the only parameters I check prior to the WC is the salinity and temp. Anything in this range is good to go by me - salinity 1.025~1.026 and temp 76~78. I notice the ph of the new water ~7.8 is lower than my tank water ~8.2 so I try to do WC at night before I go to bed when the tank ph is at its lowest ~7.9-8.0. I honestly dont test that much anymore. i test alk once every month (mid month) just to be sure my auto dosing is on track still. (i will check alk also if i make a large change like add/remove sps) that is the only parameter I check.