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  1. timbarr

    tim's 29g reef

    so i will be moving into my new house tommorow and will be setting up the 55, should be getting my liv rock from premium aquatics tommorow (i got 30# of dr. foster and smith select lalo live rock) also and will be curing them in the 55 during the cycle. i cant decide if i want sand or not, and if sand what kind. i am definitly leaning toward sand to help filter and buffer the water but i was looking at live sand and it is ridiculously expensive, is this cost justified? is it worth it to get live sand? i think ill just get some psuedo live sand from big als or somthing.i dont have to move my 29 for 15 days so the cycle should be finished by then (i am going to add a considerable amount of sand from my 29 to the 55 to speed up the cycle) making the move more manageable. i am going to get a calcium reactor but i dont have any experience with them and dont have mush money either, i was thinking about aqua-cal nano because of the appealing price tag however it looks like it might be junk, anyone have experience with these?
  2. timbarr

    calcium reactor for 55g

    does anybody have suggestions for a calcium reactor of moderate quality and that has a reasonable price for my new 55g reef. will be adding clams and sps so it needs to be fairly effective. i was thinking about the acro-cal nano http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...amp;refid=store anybody have experience with these, the price tag is very apealling!
  3. timbarr

    T5 vs T6 question

    i have the 250w MH + 2x 65w pc from aquatraders and while it was a hell of a deal it is the biggest peice of crap you could possibly buy. i dont have the money to spend on expensive lights but after dealing with this junk i think i will just have to bite the bullet and spend some money for my next light, not only that those people at aquatraders are scum.
  4. timbarr

    DCG1286's 45 Gallon LPS and Softies Tank

    i that the same LR fiji lalo from premium aquatics? i was thinking about getting that, any comments if it is?
  5. id be willing to buy one of the xenias as well as a frogspawn and torch. what were the prices on the frogspawn and torch 15? i also have a kenya tree exess however so none of that for me!
  6. i am looking for somebody to swap frags with in bloomington however i dont have transportation, its difficult to find people in town willing to trade frags, sure you dont want to ship?
  7. timbarr

    tim's 29g reef

    i think that i have decided to transfer my reef to the 55g when i move and use the 29 for a sump/fuge. i trying to do this on a budget so it will probobly be a slow process of building up the proper equipment. trying to think of an easy way to create two seperate chambers in my 29 to make it a more functional sump/fuge. any suggestions?
  8. am upgrading tank to 55g and need new stuffs, looking for skimmers like the coralife es330002 or similar rated for 75g-120 and any kind of 250 MH pendent with ballest. will pay shipping to indiana
  9. timbarr

    starting new tank

    hey, i will be moving next week and i think that i am going to tear down my 29g tank and mover into a spare 55 that i have, i will be using the 29g as a sump, i think im going to go with an eheim 1250 pump and either a cpr overflow or a tom aquatics, does anybody have any experience with these? im kinda leanin towards the tom aquatics, im going to need to upgrade my skimmer and was thinking about a coralife es330000 ( i like the price). i will also need a new MH pendent thinking about the hamalton spot light but its kinda expensive, definitly wanting a 250w MH pendent will transfer current 350w pendent from 29g so only need the one. i would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. i have five kenya tree frags for trade in the bloomington indiana area, all are about an inch and a half and have 2 or 3 branches. also have some discosomasor star polyps.
  11. timbarr

    The FTS Thread!

    so this is my humble little tank, an all glass 29g with LPS and softies will be redoing it after i move in a week or so, thinking about transfering everything to a 55 or adding a 55g sump/frag tank. I have 250w 14k HQI +2x 65w actinics, aquaclear HOB for 75g, 200w stealth heater, aqua medic protien skimmer (no longer using) and a couple of strategically placed powerheads. Inhabitants include a pair of sebea clowns, a lawnmower blenny, six line wrasse, coral banded shrimp, various snails, crocea clam, sarcophyton, kenya tree + 6 buds, fungia plate, some kind of brain (?) caulestria frags, lots of star polyps a few types of zoas, discosomas,and a condylactis anemone. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=3&t=163509
  12. timbarr

    tim's 29g reef

    so i dont understand why all of my pictures are coming out as reduced. i am just adding them as attatchments. does any one know what i am doin' wrong?
  13. timbarr

    tim's 29g reef

    i got a new dicosoma rock and a zoa rock the other day and moved around some of my corals. will be movig my tank i 2 weeks. thinking about setting up my old 55g as a half sump half frag tank, does anyone do this? im shure it would work just fine and i would have a place to put my coral when i moved giving me more time to restabalize my 29g. this is one of the 6 buds from my kenya tree
  14. timbarr

    tim's 29g reef

    yeah,yeah... i had to take off in the middle of this so here are some pics. im gonna post some more once i get more familiar with this system. also i am moving in a couple weeks so i will be redoing everything and adding corals once it is esstablished again.
  15. timbarr

    tim's 29g reef

    So ive finally got around to gteting my tank on the web, any way hear goes... my tank is a year old but due to financial limitations (paying for college) it has been going slow, but after a year of slowly building, its reached a semi respectable level. my tank started with just an aqua-clear 75 HOB filter, stealth 25w heater, live sand, a handfull of low quality live rock, and a 65W coralife PC light. I have slowly added live rock, aqua medic protein skimmer, and an aqautraders 250W HQI + 130WPC hanging light over the year. it still needs many improvments (a new sump when i gt my student loan!) but it is doing just fine as it is. Inhabitants: 1 pair sebea clowns 1 6 line wrasse 1 coral banded shrimp a handfull of nessarius, mexican turbos and astrea snails 1 sarcophyton 1plate coral 1 brain (? could some one identify?) 2 claudestrea lots of green star polyps zoas 1 kenya tree + 5 buds 1 crocea clam 1 condylactis anemone just recently got a camera so the pictures will be from a few weeks ago on, no early tank pics.